Monday, May 1, 2017

In praise of establishment politics

No, that is not a sarcastic title. Allow me to explain....

There's this nasty article going around, surprisingly NOT written by a right wing, roid raging cocaine addict, though it does read that way. It's basically a big fat Obama smear piece steeped in Berniebro butthurt. The summary of it is, "OMG OBAMA SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! HERE IS EVERY THING HE DID WRONG! AND YOU SUCK TOO IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME! AND WHEN THE WORLD ENDS IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT."

To be fair, he really did the things she said. They are not great. Also, to be fair, American politics is beyond fucked up. To be extremely fair, I don't know the author, Caitlyn Johnstone, but I know enough about her to call her out and everyone who thinks like her out on their bullshit.

I've HAD IT with these keyboard revolutionaries. I'm calling you out. ALL of you. You are out of touch with reality and take a strange delight in defecating on those of us who are in touch with reality. YOU are the reason Trump is president, not those of us who live down here on planet Earth. You didn't vote for the person who could have realistically because, "Boohoo she didn't specifically pander to us enough," or, "Boohoo, she made money on speeches," or, "Boohoo I'm an asshole who doesn't know how either basic math nor the Electoral College works."

Even all that intolerable bullcrap wouldn't be so bad if you didn't all think that your beliefs made you revolutionary. Do you even now what a revolution IS? No. You don't know what a revolution is. If you knew what a revolution was, you wouldn't likely want one. You are not willing to wage revolution. You are not willing to give your actual blood to change this system. You aren't even willing to give up your daily Starbucks to change this. You're content to sit around and piss and moan about a system that is rigged but you know damn well you aren't ready to put your actual life on the line.

THAT is a revolution and


Revolutions happen when people's daily lives have become so intolerable, they're willing to risk death for a chance to change it. Be honest, your daily life is pretty good, isn't it?...or maybe it's pretty crappy, but it's just not quite bad enough. Even if your life is that bad, not enough other people's lives are bad enough to get millions of people willing to sacrifice their very lives. You aren't ready. We aren't ready. We aren't going to make a serious change unless or until we are ready. That's just the reality of the situation. You don't have to like it but you DO have to contend with it.

You think we can just vote and identify and Facebook share our way out of this giant tire fire that emits pure turd smoke. That is not going to work. We live in a highly industrialized, corporatized, corrupt, capitalist system. Politics is basically a big game of Monopoly. Whoever has the most money wins. Good candidates, truly good candidates or revolutionary candidates don't get millions of dollars worth of support from the people who really run the world. That's why they don't win. No, it isn't fair, but I reiterate THIS IS REALITY.

Remember when you same people criticized Hillary for taking money from Wall St.? Where the fuck do you think MONEY comes from? Oooo, oooo...are you gonna tell me about how most of Bernie Sanders' money came from small independent donations? Because he LOST. So, thank you for proving my point.

It's not to say that Obama didn't do crappy things. It's not to say that Hillary is perfect. It's not to say this system isn't terrible. It's to say that this is the world we live in.

So, you will forgive me for my willingness to live in reality. I have reached the limit of my patience for all of you fake revolutionaries. I will keep voting for Clintons and Obamas and most likely whoever the Democratic party comes up with. If you don't get on board, they will lose and we'll get more Trumps and Bushes and Reagans which, you MUST admit, would be worse. Pin It

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You can legalize it, but......

Pick your illegal poison. Maybe it's a drug. Maybe it's a behavior. Maybe it's some other taboo. Maybe it's not even a vice or taboo but was outlawed for some other ridiculous reason. Maybe you think it should be legal. Maybe you have grand ideas for how and why the world will be better off if this thing is made legal. Maybe you even have evidence of how well it worked when some other place legalized it.

You're probably wrong.

Legalizing things doesn't necessarily give you the freedom you think it does. We live in a highly industrialized, corporatized, patriarchal, capitalist system. You can't take something beautiful, natural, and enjoyable, flush it down the highly industrialized, corporatized, patriarchal, capitalist latrine and expect it NOT to come out the other end covered in shit.

Let's say your illegal poison is marijuana. So far, all we can see are gleaming reviews of how wonderful it has been, how it has stimulated the economy, how taxes from it have helped the homeless, how people with incurable diseases are finally getting their much-needed respite.

Is anyone so naive as to think that companies like Marlboro and Hostess are going to sit back and say, "Well, would ya look at those happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies....good for them for making millions?"

Well...IS anyone that naive?

To bed with this childish notion that if we legalize pot (or whatever you're advocating for), we will just have a bunch of happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies. That ain't gonna happen, Grow up. We live in a plutocracy. The highly rich control EVERYTHING. They will not sit back and watch a product make millions without taking hold of what they see as their share.

It may very well be GREAT in the short term, but it will only be a matter of time before you see a two-page ad in Cosmo featuring the Marlboro Man with a joint hanging out of his mouth on one page and Spongebob munching on a Mary Jane Twinkie on the other. We know how these companies operate. We will see these corporations bastardize the industry by filling their products with low-quality grass (likely farmed by slaves or near to it, who will then be shouted at for terkin err jerband pumped up toxic additives and poisons that their criminal friends on Wall St. lobbied the government to allow in order to keep the price low, putting all the happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies out of work.

This is the society we live in. You don't have to like it, but you DO have to contend with it. You don't have a choice. It is CRUCIAL that when you plea for the vice of your choice to be legalized, you have a REAL plan that includes the foresight that 250 years of American capitalism should have afforded you. If not, it WILL have real world, unintended consequences that will bring misery to millions, not the freedom, joy, and independence you were promised.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

We are no longer the Americans of the Revolution. We are the British.

The world has a rather romantic vision of the American Revolution, and with good reason. A small group of scrappy rebels had enough of being pushed around by the big bully on the block, England. England had beaten up all of the other kids in the neighborhood and stolen their lunch money, but these American kids weren't going to let that happen to them, so they broke all the rules, defied all the authorities, and risked everything to be free. Against all odds, they won.
It's a beautiful story. It's Star Wars. It's Hunger Games. It's David and Goliath. It's every terrifying dystopian world smashed to bits by truth, principle, and freedom. How could you not love it?
...but something went wrong.
We won the fight, but we didn't exactly destroy our enemy. There is still an England. According to one of their folk songs, there will always be an England. Rather than commit patricide, we did what many of those who were raised by abusers do: we became abusers.
We learned every dirty trick in the book from them. We do now what they did then. Everyone hates us now as everyone hated them then. We put military bases all over the world. We colonize the world either by force or by finance. We threaten the world. We attack the world. We rape. We pillage. Worst of all, we call this "protecting our freedom" while doing so.
One day, just like our predecessors, a small group of scrappy rebels will have enough of us and will smack us down HARD. If we are as resilient as England, we might survive it and continue to be powerful in the world. If we are not, America may eventually just be a footnote in history. We think we're sooooo important, but in the grand scheme of things, America is an infant. The Declaration of Independence isn't even 300 years old. That's merely a sneeze in the long run of history.
"Remember that time those hemp farmers got all mad and tried to take us down? That was pretty funny. I mean, it worked for a minute there, but, long did they think they could get away with that shit? Seriously though, did they HAVE TO throw away all the tea? That was good stuff...."
That could well be our future. Don't say nobody warned you.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

What to say when some trilby-wearing troglodyte trumpets on about "female privilege"

Yeah. You're right. Women are definitely privileged in this world. They are so privileged that women make up nearly 70% of the global illiterate population. They are so privileged that the US State Department states that between 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked across international waters each year for domestic slavery, farm slavery, factory slavery, and sexual slavery; 80% are female and 50% are children. They are so privileged that within just one year in Pakistan alone, 1000 women were murdered by their own families to "restore honor" to the family name. They are so privileged that 70% of the global poor are female. They are so privileged that in Somalia, 98% of women have had their genitals mutilated. They are so privileged that there are 700 million child brides THAT WE KNOW OF in the world. They are so privileged that in Zimbabwe, women are fined PER SCREAM for screaming or crying during child birth. They are so privileged that in South Africa alone 10 lesbians are "correctively" raped every week. They are so privileged that women in Nepal are legally not allowed to eat until all of the men and children in the family have eaten. They are so privileged that in 90% of countries it is legal to rape your wife. They are so privileged cthat in several countries women can't own property and in several other countries they can be legally forced off of their property if their husband dies. They are so privileged that by the end of the day today, three women in the United States alone will have been murdered by male intimate partners....that means by the time you finish reading this, one has probably already been killed.

....but we live longer, fewer of us die as soldiers, and we are more likely to get custody of our kids if we are one of the 20% of divorces that actually uses the court system to settle child custody, so I guess everything really is catered to us.... Pin It

Girls have literally NOTHING to look forward to but being fuck toys

My mom was talking about wishing my sister and I were little and it turned into a conversation about how there is NO WAY IN HELL I would want to be a young woman in today's culture. My mom is a conservative, but often very feminist about society's attitudes toward women (which makes no sense, I know, but I guess it's a matter of privilege and only worrying about problems that personally affect her). I told her point blank, "No way in hell would I want to grow up in this porn culture! What does a young woman have to look forward to today? What dreams can a young woman possibly have nowadays? You can either be a fuckdoll or nothing (yes, I can speak frankly like this with my mother). You go from sitting on mommy's lap to sucking some boy's cock on the school bus. There is no childhood for girls anymore. They aren't even allowed to develop THEIR OWN sexuality anymore! They are only allowed to believe that they like what boys like and a bunch of brain-dead, third-wave 'feminists' have convinced them this is 'empowering!'"
She agreed, "I didn't believe it until some of the other teachers and parents I talked to told me about girls giving blow jobs on the bus in middle school....but, what do girls get out of that? Who does anything for THEM? All they get is popularity, like that's so damn important."
"Yeah," I continued, "But it's important they don't give too many blow jobs. If you give too many in the back of the bus, you're a slut and nobody wants you. If you don't give any, you're a prude and nobody wants you. It's a very delicate balance they have to strike. They literally have NOTHING to look forward to other than hoping to be popular and liked by boys. And the current lot of 'feminists' tells them they are empowered by this garbage."
She agreed.
I continued, "I know you don't like Hillary Clinton, but even take Sarah Palin for example...these women were close to holding some of the highest positions in the world....and what were people asking them? 'Who does your makeup? Did you get breast implants? How much did your outfit cost? Have you had a facelift? What does your husband think of this? What about that affair your husband had 20 years ago?' Not POLICY questions. Not, 'What are you going to do to make the world a better place?' There are no role models for young women other than sex objects because a woman can no longer BE relevant unless she's a sex object. Look at Serena of the greatest athletes to ever grace the face of the earth and even she has to be fuckable to be relevant, so now everyone wants her doing all these sexy photo shoots."
"Yeah, I was pretty upset that all the great gymnasts were featured in Sports Illustrated....but only in the SWIMSUIT edition," she said.
"I didn't hear about that, but it sounds right. There is only ONE way to be a woman in this culture and I sure as hell am glad I didn't grow up believing that and I bet you're sure as hell glad you didn't have to explain that to us!"
She agreed.
I am SO SORRY for anyone raising young women now. It is IMPOSSIBLE. You live in an IMPOSSIBLE world. The world has gotten WORSE for women and girls, especially with the Rapist in Chief they have to look at and listen to every day, telling them they're inferior, telling them they're only worthy of love and attention if they look a certain way, but they are NEVER worthy of respect no matter what they achieve AND watching massive packs of rabid ferrets foaming at the mouth in admiration every time he appears and drools out this nonsense. If your daughters even survive this, you are amazing!

"Well, I was going to be a doctor, but this goddamn vagina of mine has reminded me I can't. 
Mommy, what's a blow job? I heard I'm supposed to get good at those if
 I want to be relevant."

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Friday, March 3, 2017

I don't really trust male "feminists"

I'm hesitant to trust "feminist" men because they often SAY the things I agree with but they insist on:

-defending misogynist institutions like porn and prostitution, buying into the lie that human slavery is somehow liberating to women. 
-saying they disagree with the way women are treated but they do not treat women in their lives any better than misogynists do. 
-saying, "But, no, women have choices! They do not have to be confined to the home!" but won't date women who won't cook for them and clean up after them and mother them. 
-saying women deserve equal pay but in their own companies they use pay discrimination and chock it up to simply, "Eh, but women do different kinds of jobs." 
-saying they care about women's rights but vote for candidates who don't. 
-say they support feminism but, before the election, made it their personal mission to relentlessly trash Hillary Clinton, truly believing in their hearts that their criticism was legit even though the never had a problem with men doing the exact same things, often many, MANY things that were much, MUCH worse. 

I've seen ALL OF THIS and worse from a lot of self-proclaimed male "feminists." Is it so hard to understand why I don't trust them? 

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Why I'm not a journalist

I studied journalism in college. I enjoyed it. I can say sincerely and without ego that I was good at it but there is a reason I am not a journalist. Aside from the industry slipping further and further down the commode daily, my will to survive was too strong to honestly pursue this line of work. I had this weird problem where I was willing to work hard, VERY hard, but not if it meant I couldn't afford to eat or have any free time at all.

Journalism is largely a thankless, payless job. You work for hours and hours, mostly writing things you don't want to write about, and even when you get to write what you like, your editor shits all over it, often without telling you. You only find out when you get the item in print and it's NOT what you wrote. When I graduated from college, I tried getting a job with the AJC. SPOILER ALERT: I didn't.

They wanted 5-10 years of journalism experience, willingness to work 60 hours a week regularly, and exclusive use of my talents. Wanna take a stab at the salary? $18,000/year. That's it. For 60 hours a week, no ability to freelance, no vacation, no real days off.

I was not, I AM not, willing to do that for 60 hours a week and still need a second job to survive. I was not, I AM not willing to work myself to death for journalism or any career. This is not a crime.

People may accuse me of "laziness" or being "unwilling to put in the work," but I don't think that it's unreasonable to choose eating and electricity over killing yourself for 20-30 years in hopes that you might one day be able to make a survival-level salary. That is simply too much to ask of people. What good is it to get your dream job if you drop dead 5 years into it due to the decades of abuse you put yourself through to get there?

...and yet, it is what you hear all the time, passed off as something that is totally acceptable.

"If you REALLY want to succeed, you have to be willing to put work above everything. You need to want success the way you'd want air if you were suffocating or else you'll never succeed. If you're not willing to work 80 hours a week, you don't deserve to do what you love."

I can't be the only one that sees a major issue with this. What does it say about our culture that we have to completely neglect ourselves to be worthy of even moderate financial success?

It ties in perfectly with society's academic, neoliberal, postmodern agenda of ignoring the material world in favor of the theoretical one. "Don't worry about your physical health, your rent, your family, your pets, people who depend on you....if you really want to BE what you want to BE, you have to forget that material reality exists!"

Welp, sorry, Professor Boellschitt who is getting paid by a university to take a four-year sabbatical to fuck around doing nothing under the guise of "researching" some inane garbage that means nothing to the real world, the rest of us down here on planet Earth have bills to pay!

The other problem is this attitude trickles down. So, okay, I'm not willing to work that hard, even for a job I'd like. I can still make a living doing other things I'm not crazy about. What about those folks who can't? For people who work at KFC or McDonald's or who wait tables, they are usually only allowed to work up to 40 hours a week. They can work and work and work and NEVER get to a decent job, never get a promotion, never get a raise, let alone land their dream job. Still, we buy this bullshit narrative of, "Well, if they really wanted to succeed, they'd work harder!"

Please, do tell me, how can someone possibly WORK HARDER when they're already stretched to the limit? When their boss plain won't give them more hours? When their company just plain isn't hiring? When their company does give them overtime, but it's all the time and just plain doesn't give them time off to pursue what they'd really like to do? When they have families to feed that rely on them working two or three jobs and they have no free time to pursue what they'd really like?

I used to believe this bullshit narrative. America brainwashes it into us. This culture raises us to believe it. My parents raised me to believe it. They still believe it even as they watch their own lives crumble after working their fingers to the bone for decades. They still get mad at me for not believing it.

The folks telling you to believe it DO NOT believe it. They know damn well it's BULLLLLLSHITTTTTTT! It's to give you false hope. If you know you're never going to do better, you won't try. As President Snow says in The Hunger Games, "Why do you think we have winner? Hope. It's the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous."

This is no secret to the people who REALLY run this shit show we call Earth.

Anyway....our culture is fucked and so are we. That's how we got to where we are. That's also why it's going to get a LOT worse before it gets better. Until we stop chasing the carrot, we'll always be hungry.

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