Monday, May 1, 2017

In praise of establishment politics

No, that is not a sarcastic title. Allow me to explain....

There's this nasty article going around, surprisingly NOT written by a right wing, roid raging cocaine addict, though it does read that way. It's basically a big fat Obama smear piece steeped in Berniebro butthurt. The summary of it is, "OMG OBAMA SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! HERE IS EVERY THING HE DID WRONG! AND YOU SUCK TOO IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME! AND WHEN THE WORLD ENDS IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT."

To be fair, he really did the things she said. They are not great. Also, to be fair, American politics is beyond fucked up. To be extremely fair, I don't know the author, Caitlyn Johnstone, but I know enough about her to call her out and everyone who thinks like her out on their bullshit.

I've HAD IT with these keyboard revolutionaries. I'm calling you out. ALL of you. You are out of touch with reality and take a strange delight in defecating on those of us who are in touch with reality. YOU are the reason Trump is president, not those of us who live down here on planet Earth. You didn't vote for the person who could have realistically because, "Boohoo she didn't specifically pander to us enough," or, "Boohoo, she made money on speeches," or, "Boohoo I'm an asshole who doesn't know how either basic math nor the Electoral College works."

Even all that intolerable bullcrap wouldn't be so bad if you didn't all think that your beliefs made you revolutionary. Do you even now what a revolution IS? No. You don't know what a revolution is. If you knew what a revolution was, you wouldn't likely want one. You are not willing to wage revolution. You are not willing to give your actual blood to change this system. You aren't even willing to give up your daily Starbucks to change this. You're content to sit around and piss and moan about a system that is rigged but you know damn well you aren't ready to put your actual life on the line.

THAT is a revolution and


Revolutions happen when people's daily lives have become so intolerable, they're willing to risk death for a chance to change it. Be honest, your daily life is pretty good, isn't it?...or maybe it's pretty crappy, but it's just not quite bad enough. Even if your life is that bad, not enough other people's lives are bad enough to get millions of people willing to sacrifice their very lives. You aren't ready. We aren't ready. We aren't going to make a serious change unless or until we are ready. That's just the reality of the situation. You don't have to like it but you DO have to contend with it.

You think we can just vote and identify and Facebook share our way out of this giant tire fire that emits pure turd smoke. That is not going to work. We live in a highly industrialized, corporatized, corrupt, capitalist system. Politics is basically a big game of Monopoly. Whoever has the most money wins. Good candidates, truly good candidates or revolutionary candidates don't get millions of dollars worth of support from the people who really run the world. That's why they don't win. No, it isn't fair, but I reiterate THIS IS REALITY.

Remember when you same people criticized Hillary for taking money from Wall St.? Where the fuck do you think MONEY comes from? Oooo, oooo...are you gonna tell me about how most of Bernie Sanders' money came from small independent donations? Because he LOST. So, thank you for proving my point.

It's not to say that Obama didn't do crappy things. It's not to say that Hillary is perfect. It's not to say this system isn't terrible. It's to say that this is the world we live in.

So, you will forgive me for my willingness to live in reality. I have reached the limit of my patience for all of you fake revolutionaries. I will keep voting for Clintons and Obamas and most likely whoever the Democratic party comes up with. If you don't get on board, they will lose and we'll get more Trumps and Bushes and Reagans which, you MUST admit, would be worse. Pin It

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