Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You can legalize it, but......

Pick your illegal poison. Maybe it's a drug. Maybe it's a behavior. Maybe it's some other taboo. Maybe it's not even a vice or taboo but was outlawed for some other ridiculous reason. Maybe you think it should be legal. Maybe you have grand ideas for how and why the world will be better off if this thing is made legal. Maybe you even have evidence of how well it worked when some other place legalized it.

You're probably wrong.

Legalizing things doesn't necessarily give you the freedom you think it does. We live in a highly industrialized, corporatized, patriarchal, capitalist system. You can't take something beautiful, natural, and enjoyable, flush it down the highly industrialized, corporatized, patriarchal, capitalist latrine and expect it NOT to come out the other end covered in shit.

Let's say your illegal poison is marijuana. So far, all we can see are gleaming reviews of how wonderful it has been, how it has stimulated the economy, how taxes from it have helped the homeless, how people with incurable diseases are finally getting their much-needed respite.

Is anyone so naive as to think that companies like Marlboro and Hostess are going to sit back and say, "Well, would ya look at those happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies....good for them for making millions?"

Well...IS anyone that naive?

To bed with this childish notion that if we legalize pot (or whatever you're advocating for), we will just have a bunch of happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies. That ain't gonna happen, Grow up. We live in a plutocracy. The highly rich control EVERYTHING. They will not sit back and watch a product make millions without taking hold of what they see as their share.

It may very well be GREAT in the short term, but it will only be a matter of time before you see a two-page ad in Cosmo featuring the Marlboro Man with a joint hanging out of his mouth on one page and Spongebob munching on a Mary Jane Twinkie on the other. We know how these companies operate. We will see these corporations bastardize the industry by filling their products with low-quality grass (likely farmed by slaves or near to it, who will then be shouted at for terkin err jerband pumped up toxic additives and poisons that their criminal friends on Wall St. lobbied the government to allow in order to keep the price low, putting all the happy little hippy farmers independently growing pot on their own little private pot paddies out of work.

This is the society we live in. You don't have to like it, but you DO have to contend with it. You don't have a choice. It is CRUCIAL that when you plea for the vice of your choice to be legalized, you have a REAL plan that includes the foresight that 250 years of American capitalism should have afforded you. If not, it WILL have real world, unintended consequences that will bring misery to millions, not the freedom, joy, and independence you were promised.

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