Friday, April 14, 2017

We are no longer the Americans of the Revolution. We are the British.

The world has a rather romantic vision of the American Revolution, and with good reason. A small group of scrappy rebels had enough of being pushed around by the big bully on the block, England. England had beaten up all of the other kids in the neighborhood and stolen their lunch money, but these American kids weren't going to let that happen to them, so they broke all the rules, defied all the authorities, and risked everything to be free. Against all odds, they won.
It's a beautiful story. It's Star Wars. It's Hunger Games. It's David and Goliath. It's every terrifying dystopian world smashed to bits by truth, principle, and freedom. How could you not love it?
...but something went wrong.
We won the fight, but we didn't exactly destroy our enemy. There is still an England. According to one of their folk songs, there will always be an England. Rather than commit patricide, we did what many of those who were raised by abusers do: we became abusers.
We learned every dirty trick in the book from them. We do now what they did then. Everyone hates us now as everyone hated them then. We put military bases all over the world. We colonize the world either by force or by finance. We threaten the world. We attack the world. We rape. We pillage. Worst of all, we call this "protecting our freedom" while doing so.
One day, just like our predecessors, a small group of scrappy rebels will have enough of us and will smack us down HARD. If we are as resilient as England, we might survive it and continue to be powerful in the world. If we are not, America may eventually just be a footnote in history. We think we're sooooo important, but in the grand scheme of things, America is an infant. The Declaration of Independence isn't even 300 years old. That's merely a sneeze in the long run of history.
"Remember that time those hemp farmers got all mad and tried to take us down? That was pretty funny. I mean, it worked for a minute there, but, long did they think they could get away with that shit? Seriously though, did they HAVE TO throw away all the tea? That was good stuff...."
That could well be our future. Don't say nobody warned you.

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