Friday, March 3, 2017

I don't really trust male "feminists"

I'm hesitant to trust "feminist" men because they often SAY the things I agree with but they insist on:

-defending misogynist institutions like porn and prostitution, buying into the lie that human slavery is somehow liberating to women. 
-saying they disagree with the way women are treated but they do not treat women in their lives any better than misogynists do. 
-saying, "But, no, women have choices! They do not have to be confined to the home!" but won't date women who won't cook for them and clean up after them and mother them. 
-saying women deserve equal pay but in their own companies they use pay discrimination and chock it up to simply, "Eh, but women do different kinds of jobs." 
-saying they care about women's rights but vote for candidates who don't. 
-say they support feminism but, before the election, made it their personal mission to relentlessly trash Hillary Clinton, truly believing in their hearts that their criticism was legit even though the never had a problem with men doing the exact same things, often many, MANY things that were much, MUCH worse. 

I've seen ALL OF THIS and worse from a lot of self-proclaimed male "feminists." Is it so hard to understand why I don't trust them? 

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