Monday, March 20, 2017

Girls have literally NOTHING to look forward to but being fuck toys

My mom was talking about wishing my sister and I were little and it turned into a conversation about how there is NO WAY IN HELL I would want to be a young woman in today's culture. My mom is a conservative, but often very feminist about society's attitudes toward women (which makes no sense, I know, but I guess it's a matter of privilege and only worrying about problems that personally affect her). I told her point blank, "No way in hell would I want to grow up in this porn culture! What does a young woman have to look forward to today? What dreams can a young woman possibly have nowadays? You can either be a fuckdoll or nothing (yes, I can speak frankly like this with my mother). You go from sitting on mommy's lap to sucking some boy's cock on the school bus. There is no childhood for girls anymore. They aren't even allowed to develop THEIR OWN sexuality anymore! They are only allowed to believe that they like what boys like and a bunch of brain-dead, third-wave 'feminists' have convinced them this is 'empowering!'"
She agreed, "I didn't believe it until some of the other teachers and parents I talked to told me about girls giving blow jobs on the bus in middle school....but, what do girls get out of that? Who does anything for THEM? All they get is popularity, like that's so damn important."
"Yeah," I continued, "But it's important they don't give too many blow jobs. If you give too many in the back of the bus, you're a slut and nobody wants you. If you don't give any, you're a prude and nobody wants you. It's a very delicate balance they have to strike. They literally have NOTHING to look forward to other than hoping to be popular and liked by boys. And the current lot of 'feminists' tells them they are empowered by this garbage."
She agreed.
I continued, "I know you don't like Hillary Clinton, but even take Sarah Palin for example...these women were close to holding some of the highest positions in the world....and what were people asking them? 'Who does your makeup? Did you get breast implants? How much did your outfit cost? Have you had a facelift? What does your husband think of this? What about that affair your husband had 20 years ago?' Not POLICY questions. Not, 'What are you going to do to make the world a better place?' There are no role models for young women other than sex objects because a woman can no longer BE relevant unless she's a sex object. Look at Serena of the greatest athletes to ever grace the face of the earth and even she has to be fuckable to be relevant, so now everyone wants her doing all these sexy photo shoots."
"Yeah, I was pretty upset that all the great gymnasts were featured in Sports Illustrated....but only in the SWIMSUIT edition," she said.
"I didn't hear about that, but it sounds right. There is only ONE way to be a woman in this culture and I sure as hell am glad I didn't grow up believing that and I bet you're sure as hell glad you didn't have to explain that to us!"
She agreed.
I am SO SORRY for anyone raising young women now. It is IMPOSSIBLE. You live in an IMPOSSIBLE world. The world has gotten WORSE for women and girls, especially with the Rapist in Chief they have to look at and listen to every day, telling them they're inferior, telling them they're only worthy of love and attention if they look a certain way, but they are NEVER worthy of respect no matter what they achieve AND watching massive packs of rabid ferrets foaming at the mouth in admiration every time he appears and drools out this nonsense. If your daughters even survive this, you are amazing!

"Well, I was going to be a doctor, but this goddamn vagina of mine has reminded me I can't. 
Mommy, what's a blow job? I heard I'm supposed to get good at those if
 I want to be relevant."

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