Saturday, January 7, 2017

Poor white men are not the "working class." They are losers.

Apparently, Republicans only ever thought that women and people of color were poor and that they were poor because they deserved it for not working harder or for not figuring out how to magically pull themselves up through the mud. If they wanted better lives, they should've worked harder, gone to school, learned new skills, started their own businesses, etc., etc. The fact that they didn't do any of this was clearly not because it was impossible, it was clearly just because they didn't have the will for it. If they really, REALLY wanted to succeed, they'd have found a way, according to Republicans, of course. Yet, when it comes to poor white men, whom they call the "working class," we need to feel sorry for them because they got "left behind."

No. Coal miners in Virginia did not get "left behind." They refused to move with the times. They did exactly what Republicans accuse everyone else of: stayed in careers they knew were in the toilet, gave up on looking for something else, refused to learn new skills, spent all their money on drugs, then couldn't figure out why they couldn't pay their fucking bills, then sucked on the government teat to survive.

Nope. Neither sympathy nor fucks do I have to give to these pathetic losers. Yes. I am calling them losers. They are losers. I don't care if it's mean. If everyone else just had to work harder or go learn to do IT instead of farming or pull money out of their asses to go to school to get a better job if they didn't want to be "losers" or "welfare queens" or "moochers," why don't poor white men have to do that?

I vehemently refuse to buy this bullshit story about the poor, sad, white man. Fuck him. I hope he and all of his ilk OD on heroin. At least that might will create some jobs pulling their fetid corpses out of their cockroach infested shit-shacks.

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