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This started back in 2008. I was NOT an Obama supporter. I was still buying into the bullshit I had been fed by my family my whole life, so I supported McCain (whom I still believe to be one of the less despicable republicans out there). What bothered me more than anything else was this bizarre hero-worship people had for Obama. It was creepy to me. I understood the historical significance of the first black president, but I did not, I do not, I will not believe he is a literal SAINT....but many people did from day one and still do. He could have taken a shit on the White House table and people would have said, "What a lovely shit that is."

Any criticism of him or his policies automatically became "racism." This is not to say that there weren't pleeeeeeenty of racists who hated him solely because he was black, but there were serious policy issues that deserved serious giving Interpol jurisdiction over local government, like the idea of FORCING people to pay for healthcare when they can barely make ends meet, like the constant promises to close Guantanamo Bay...

Shutting down any criticism as "racist" allowed people to maintain their angelic image of him. Along comes Hillary Clinton. Someone who has been ACCUSED (note, not convicted) of many crimes and scandals. It's impossible to look at her as saintly or angelic, whether or not you like her. The GOP's 30 year smear campaign against her has been quite effective. Then comes the rise of the identity voters.

To be clear, I am not referring to "identity politics." I am referring to the folks who believe that who they vote for dictates who they are as people. It became more important for them to convince themselves that they were choosing. St. Bernie came along and we loved him. I loved him, but ultimately, he lost. The fact that he lost would not penetrate these people's minds, so, many of them supported a saint who could not win over a sinner who could. When it turned out Hillary got the nomination, people refused to accept it. They couldn't look at reality and say, "Well, she's not my favorite, but this is what I have to do to protect everyone else."

They kept up with their, "Butbutbut MY morals! MY values! MY principles! MY philosophy! MY beliefs!"

There was no explaining reality to these people. It was impossible to make people understand that their petty little feefees were not as important as people's actual LIVES. It was impossible to make these people understand that Trump was literally the WORST thing that could happen to the world. It was impossible to make people understand that once she received the nomination, Hillary was our ONLY shot.

There is STILL no explaining this to these people....these little hypocrites with their little #NODAPL and #BLACKLIVESMATTER and #NOH8 bullshit....they pretend to care SOOOOOO MUUUUUUCH, but then they refused to do the ONE PRACTICAL THING to protect the Native Americans, Black people, women, poor people, Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ people.....all the marginalized people they pretended to care about....all to preserve their self image....and will continue to do so.

So, here we are now, with a president who has vowed to reinstate torture, to build a wall, to commit passive genocide, to declare martial law, to silence the media, to black out science, to gag anyone or anything that is contrary to him....and he will likely be an eight year president because liberals can't bother to pull their heads out of their asses and face reality. They are already taking to slamming some of their best political representatives because of a few little flaws. They know deep down in their hearts that politics is a nasty, rotten, dirty, corrupt business, but they are STILL seeking that saint, that angel, that savior. I guess nobody bothered to tell them that politicians are HUMAN, and humans who play the nastiest game on earth to boot.


I'm not writing this to say whose fault Trump's election was. Well, ok, I am a little, but mostly
I'm writing this as a warning to liberals everywhere: YOU NEED TO COME BACK TO REALITY! You need to understand politicians are imperfect. The most imperfect Democrat you can think if is STILL better than the best the Republican Party has to offer. You need to vote for people who can win, even if you don't particularly like them. Your vote is NOT all about YOU! It's about US. It's about Standing Rock, Planned Parenthood, BLM, immigration, infrastructure, jobs, and more. We are NOT going to take back Congress in 2018 and we sure as hell won't take back the White House in 2020 (assuming there is even an election), or any other chance to minimize or undo the damage Trump does until you understand this.
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