Friday, November 25, 2016

Journal Transcription 11/25/16

NOTE: I am hand writing a journal but I am also transcribing it here. The date in the title will be the date when the entry was hand written. I may not get to transcribe everything to the web the day I write it. I know, it sounds weird, but it's my blog and I get to do whatever I want with it. So, nanny nanny boo boo. I've decided a hand written journal would be best just in case we lose all electricity and rights and hope for humanity. I still want an online document of it if we don't. All entries will be handwritten first and transcribed later. FYI!


I am writing this because I fear there will come a day when writing will be no more. It is essential that it be hand written because I also fear there will come a day when electricity will be no more, at least for some of us.

On November 8, 2016 the United States of America elected The Devil. He was a fascist, a racist, a sexist, a rapist, a fraud, a traitor, and had only one person to serve: HIMSELF.

His name was Donald Trump. He violated every possible trust he could and promised to continue to violate even more. Somehow, none of this troubled or swayed his supporters. Long before is candidacy, he proved himself to be a voracious demon, hungry for all the spoils of capitalism while returning none of it to the people who actually built his empire for him.

He inherited a large sum of money from his father, which he was able to grow by committing fraud after fraud, by declaring bankruptcy after bankruptcy. Yet, he somehow managed to convince millions of people that he was a successful businessman.

I could list pages and pages of his frauds and failures and in another entry, I might, because if he gets his way, all of his flaws and all of his crimes will be erased from the history books. That is not panic or spite speaking. It is what he has promised.

He has promised to build a wall between the US and Mexico. He has promised to sue his rape and sexual harassment victims. He has promised to reinstate Stop & Frisk, even after if was deemed unconstitutional. He has promised to punish women who've had abortions. He has promised to "open up" slander and libel laws so those that criticize him and his ilk an be sued or imprisoned. He has promised to open a Muslim Registry. He has promised to halt Muslim immigration altogether. He has promised to put his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, in jail despite ALL investigations into all of her potantially criminal activities have been conducted and have cleared her of any legal wrongdoing. He as promised to "bomb the shit" out of the Middle East and to track down and kill suspected terrorists' families. He has promised to bring back condemned forms of torture including waterboarding. He promises to help the poor and middle classes by giving breaks to the top 1% of income earners, a failed plan we've witnessed before; Reaganomics' "Trickle Down" on steroids!

Although many of his promises are a complete affront to the "working class" he swore to protect, it did nothing to quell their ardent support of him. He was able to maintain their support with four key ingredients: racism, sexism, lies, and ignorance. It turned out a great deal of his supporters were uneducated and with lack of education comes a willingness to place both blame and credit where they are undue.

It was easy for him to make scapegoats of Muslims, Latinos (to whom he collectively referred to as "Mexicans"), women, black people, gays, trans folks, and basically anyone who was not rich, white, straight, and male. This was how he rallied the ignorant troops. He scapegoated everyone and made promises the rest of us knew he couldn't keep. It was a devious yet effective plan.

Although he lost the popular vote and it remains to be seen if the Electoral College will formally elect him, I am confident he will be inaugurated. Some folks are petitioning the Electoral College to save they country and, indeed, the world from him, but that could have deleterious effects of its own. Either way, we've already lost democracy. Perhaps Trump will take it by keeping some of his promises or maybe the Electoral College will take it by failing to represent their individual states.

Then, there is hte matter of his cabinet. He has already named quite a few of his appointments, unfit to serve they are all. Most of them are as inexperienced and unqualified as he is, but I suppose it is fit for the unfit to associate with each other. He wants a literal neo-Nazi to be his chief advisor. He was a climate change denier to run the EPA. He wants someone with no educational experience to be secretary of education. He is doing this to destroy every possible institution so he can assume total power for himself. Those who think the institutions can save us are fools, no more intelligent or cognizant than a newborn baby. We should all know that when Der Fuhrer makes an evil promise, he intends to keep it by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If that means the burning of the White House, the murdering of the naysayers, or turning the Constitution into toilet paper, HE WILL DO IT!

I am no such naive newborn baby who thinks goodness, justice, and institutions will prevail; they may eventually, but not soon enough to impede the suffering of millions. Genocide doesn't happen in a day, nor does it happen for a day. It happens as genocidal rhetoric becomes incrementally normal. First, he talks about a wall, a registry, a temporary ruling. Then, it becomes a set of identification symbols. Then, it becomes a camp. It doesn't take that long. It takes just long enough for people to get used to each step. In an age where a flash in the pan is considered a good run for any given social occurrence, I suspect four years will be more than enough time for a new Holocaust.

But for 35 years, I was lucky. I didn' always know that because in my lifetime, things that are considered luxuries in most of the world were just a part of daily life here.  Yes, I took them for granted. At this moment, I still do. I fully expect clean water to come out when I turn on the faucet. I will have lighting at the flip of a switch and if I don't, an irritated phone call will fix it. I will wear clothing, shoes, even makeup and these items will be 100% my choice. I will not need to rely on the scraps of a wealthier person to clothe myself. I will eat, probably too much. I will sleep in a comfortable bed. I will earn enough money to live. For now...

A time may come when I have none of these things. I had hoped to be supremely lucky and live my whole life without having to struggle for these things, but now I am certain I'm not that lucky. It is precisely for that reason I a writing all of this. Even if they take everyone from me, somewhere there will exist a document of my observations, my memories, my hopes, my dreams, my failures, my insecurities, everything that is ME, the few things which cannot be taken away.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. I wish upon every star that everything will be okay, even if not entirely pleasant and that I'll no longer feel the need to keep writing; that I put this book away somewhere and forget all about it only to stumble upon it and laugh at what will seem like the paranoid bleatings of a crazy cat lady off her meds.

...bur I'm still writing this for now, just in case.

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