Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Response to a "former feminist"

So, there's the dumbdumb on Youtube who goes on a 15 minute diatribe about why she can't call herself a feminist anymore. Highlights include:
"I'm not that concerned with political correctness."
"You have to be responsible for yourself."
"You can't expect other people to validate you. You can only validate yourself. If others don't validate you or respect you, get them out of your life."
"Misandry is real."
"Feminists blame everyone else for their problems."
"Feminists have taken over education and told everyone women are victims but never provide any facts or figures."
"You don't deserve to be treated as an equal because you are always complaining you're not equal."

I'm not going to link the video because I don't want her to get any more views than she has. Besides, there are thousands of videos just like hers all over the YooToobz and this could just as easily be a response to any one of them. I know I should just roll my eyes and move along to more dignified matters, but sometimes I can't help but take the bait. So, this was my reply:

The reason feminists blame everyone else for our problems is because they're everyone else's fault. You want facts and figures? According to RAINN, 1 in 4 women in the US experiences sexual assault. This ratio is low compared to many countries. According to ICRW, there are 70 million child brides worldwide THAT WE KNOW OF and millions more girls set to become them. According to the US State Department, 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked across international borders EVERY YEAR. 80% are female and 50% are children. According to Pakistan's Human Rights Commission in Pakistan alone, within the span of ONE YEAR, over 1000 women were murdered by their own families for "honor." According to the WHO, 200 million living women and girls have been genitally mutilated THAT WE KNOW OF. According to Oxfam, women do 60% of the world's labor, earn 10% of the world's income, and own 1% of the world's land. Did these women just forget to take responsibility for themselves? Please, do enlighten me as to how these women can "take responsibility for themselves." We don't sit back and go, "Boohoo, I'm a victim," because that doesn't get us anywhere, but it seems like if anyone even MENTIONS these things, we're "playing the victim." Maybe that's because we ARE the victims in the ways I've mentioned and many more and we're trying REALLY GODDAMNED HARD not to be victims anymore, but people like you insist on erasing us because it's not convenient for you....because you're "tired of hearing" us complain...because you assume that men and women are already equal and that structural sexism does not exist.

There are a lot of problems I have with the current wave of it's all about me me me me me....If I say I'm empowered you can't question it...if I do something totally degrading to women it's ok because I'm a woman....anything any woman ever did from the dawn of time until the apocalypse is feminist if she says it is...don't objectify women, but porn and prostitution are okay....but I do take issue with another attitude of yours. You say you need to validate yourself and if you seek validation from others and don't get it, just get those people out of your life. Um. Can't. You have to be extremely privileged, naive, and ignorant to believe that is possible for the vast majority of women in the world. These people who don't give women respect just so happen to control the world. They are our fathers, our brothers, our teachers, our coworkers, our bosses, our political representatives and no matter how many nice men and good men you know of, there are many more in positions of power that are ASSSSSHOOOOOOOLES. 

To say "just quit" or "go get a different job," is something, again, only an extremely ignorant and privileged person could say. Yeah, I'd LOVE to abandon my sexist family and escape to a new life, but what if I live in a country where I can't even step outside of my own house without a man or I will be arrested? Yeah, I'd LOVE to go get another job and get away from my sexist boss and coworkers, but what if there are no jobs in my area? I don't have money to go to school to learn more job skills because I get paid less than all of my male coworkers, and even if I were getting paid the same as them, I still wouldn't make enough to go to school, but when I address my boss about this, he tells me I'm at the top of my pay grade, which is barely enough for me to survive on. I'd LOVE to not support misogynist companies by buying their products, but what if can't because that puts me at an even bigger disadvantage? See, when I go to my job with my sexist boss and coworkers and I DON'T wear makeup, skirts, and high heels, I'm told I'm violating the dress code for female employees, so either I HAVE TO spend my own money on makeup, skirts, and heels or get fired. I'd LOVE to not have politicians that hate women write laws that I have to follow. Yeah, I can vote, but what if I live in a place where a lot more people vote for woman-haters than don't? What if I live in a country where I'm not even allowed to vote? 

So....where does that leave me? Under your naive assumptions, I should just quit my job, completely dump my family, tell off everyone in my state, ignore the law, and move to a new country, assuming a country that actually treats women fairly know....we have to take responsibility for ourselves n shit. ....because that is totally something all women can do.... 

So, I guess I'm glad you're abandoning feminism. Don't let the door hit ya on the ass. 

...cuz I don't want ass prints on my nice shiny door!

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