Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why I don't blog more often

To put it bluntly: BECAUSE NOBODY READS THIS FUKKIN SHIT and I get tired of putting effort into something that gets ignored.

A lot of people seem not to understand why I get so frustrated when nobody pays attention to my writing (or anything else I create). They say I should write just because I like it, just to make myself happy. Well, that's not how it works. Simply put, artists don't generally create things just to keep to themselves. Some artists don't like to sell their work because it's like selling a part of themselves. Others like to sell it because they feel like it's a contribution to the world. Either way, we want it to at least be seen. Some artists don't want themselves to draw any attention, but even reclusive artists want their work to be seen and acknowledged even if they hide from any resulting spotlight on themselves. If they didn't, they just plain wouldn't create it. When no one appreciates our work, it's a grave insult to very the essence our being.

People who are not artists don't understand this. They say things like, "Well, why don't you just do that for yourself, just to make yourself happy and just not worry what other people think?"

Because it doesn't work that way. Artists believe that our work is important and that it might very well change the world, if not in a total sense, it will at least change the world for some person who consumes it. This is WHY we do what we do. We are compelled to get some message out there. This is the entire point of art.

To put in in context, imagine your boss hands you a project at work. He tells you it's very important for the company to have this done, that it will revolutionize the company, that it may even revolutionize the whole industry. With great pride, you work extremely hard on it, you pour your heart and soul into it, you're really pleased with it, you've actually managed to impress YOURSELF. You put the final touches on it and hand it in to the boss.

He says literally NOTHING about it....EVER. Not, "Good job," not, "Shitty job," not even, "Ah, thank you." You never see anything you proposed or worked on implemented in the company. This "revolutionary" project you worked so hard in could be in the shredder for all you know. You know you did an amazing job, but no one else seems to.

You wait around for a few months, thinking perhaps these things haven't been acknowledged or implemented because of some complicated reason. Maybe there are legal issues to work though, maybe there is new equipment to invent. Maybe budgeting for these changes is a much bigger issue than you realized, so you continue to be patient, figuring someone will eventually thank you or congratulate you or explain what's going on or implement the changes you worked so hard to come up with.

No one EVER does.

Then, to add insult to injury, a coworker of yours, who has no idea how hard you worked, who never has to do projects like this, comes up to you and says, "Well, you shouldn't be seeking other people's approval for your work. You should work hard just to satisfy yourself."

...and that MIGHT work for the first project or two...but now imagine this has happened to you a hundred times before. Imagine that this is the case with EVERY project you do and you STILL have some jackass, who has NO clue what all you went through to create this, telling you to "do it just for yourself." If you find yourself NOT fantasizing about wrapping your fingers around this person's neck until they aren't alive anymore, it would be either a lie or a miracle.

You would probably also eventually quit your job. This is what we go through daily. Then people wonder why some of us get frustrated and abandon our talents. It's the same as quitting that job you had where you were completely unacknowledged and undervalued.
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