Monday, August 15, 2016

Truly horrifying dreams

I'm not one who puts too much faith in dream interpretation or anything like that, but sometimes you have dreams that are so real and, in this case, so horrifying that you can't help but wonder if there is something more to it. Last night I was disturbed by three dreams that, oddly, picked up where the last one left off. This usually doesn't happen. Usually, when you wake up, your dream ends and if you go back to sleep, you start a new dream. Such was not the case. Each time I woke up, I was very upset and horrified about the dream, but each time when I went back to sleep, there I was again. I also slept unusually late into the afternoon today.

So here goes....

It was Christmas Eve and an uncle whom I was previously unaware of had died. My family had to go to his house to clean out his things. For some reason, it was me, my dad, and my sister. My mom was not there. We arrived at the house and it looked dilapidated from the outside. All of the houses in the neighborhood looked that way. The shutters were sagging, the paint was cracking and peeling, the wood looked frail and half decayed. Clearly, it as a bad neighborhood and for some reason, we were there at night.

We approached the door and went in. The house looked like it belonged to a hoarder. There was junk everywhere. Everwhere you turned, there were little figurines and statues, chess pieces, animal heads mounted to the walls, and really old appliances that appeared to be in mid-repair, with their parts strewn about the house. The lighting was poor and everything seemed to be covered in that particular dinge that you see on items that are so old that no matter how much you try to clean them, they still look dirty.

The family split up and we were supposed to be cleaning different rooms. I started in what seemed to be the living room, but then I heard dogs barking and playing outside, so I stopped. Outside were his neighbors and their two dogs. They seemed very cordial and let me play with the dogs. They said they were sorry about what had happened and that maybe playing with the dogs would help lighten the mood. It did for a moment until I had to go back in. I'm not sure what prompted me to return, perhaps just a sense of duty, but when I went back in, I couldn't find my dad or my sister. I explored the house only to find that my sister had been killed. I wasn't sure how but various small parts of her body were all over the place. Some of them were masquerading as decoration, some of them seemed to blend in with the general disarray of the house.

Horrified, I went back to the living room where I saw an old fashioned radio with about half of its parts taken out. It first I didn't notice, but when I looked closer, I realized all the pieces still inside were bloody. I looked up and saw my dad's head on top of the console where the radio was housed. I tried to speak to him, but when I did, the radio would answer. I asked him what happened and all he said was, "Get out of here!"

"No! Not until I can put you back together again," I said.

"You can't. Hurry before the programming gets to me," he replied.

"What programming?"

"I've been programmed to kill you," he said back, "Hurry up and leave before I do it!"

I ran out of the house and found myself a few houses down. I hadn't been aware of it, but apparently, I had taken my shoes and socks off at some point. I only noticed because my feet were wet and freezing because I had been running through snow sludge. I decided to stop running so as not to call attention to myself in this awful neighborhood which was clearly not being overseen by anyone, no HOA, no nosey neighbors, no cops, nothing. It seemed like a ghost town, but it wasn't.

It was at this point that I figured out that not only was my uncle not dead, but that he was an psycho killer and his neighbors were in on it. As such, I really wanted to blend into the background as much as I could, so I slowed down and began to look around for an obvious main road out. I was unsure of whether to try to stay in the dark so I wouldn't be seen because there was also the possibility that more killers and conspirators would be hiding in the dark. As I was pondering this, a cop car drove across the nearest intersection and I just stopped in my tracks, again unsure whether to call for help or to be suspicious that they'd be in on the murderous rage as well. I decided not to call out to them and just continued walking.

I walked all night in the same direction, eventually reaching a big city. It was dawn and although the city was obviously very heavily populated, not a soul was present. There were no cars driving by, no pedestrians walking on the sidewalks, no businesses open. I just kept walking, hoping that I would make it somewhere, anywhere. I finally made it to a block where there seemed to be some life. There weren't a ton of pedestrians, but there were a few. There were a couple shops open, but much like the neighborhood I had just escaped, everything looked disheveled and dirty. I went into one shop and tried to explain that I was lost, had no money, no transportation, no way to contact anyone, no wallet, no ID, nothing. The girl behind the counter, who was dressed in a very punky style with a leather jacket and studded belt, but still drab colors told me she'd happily give me a wallet but that was all she could give me. I thought at least I'd have somewhere to put spare change if I could get any.

There was an assortment of wallets, all of them ugly and dirty. I dug around in one pile and finally found some cute wallets that seemed to have Japanese cartoon characters on them, though no characters I was familiar with. I told her I wanted one of the cute wallets. She looked at me very seriously and said, "No, you don't want anything cute!"

I just looked at her, confused.

"Anything cute will make you stand out and then they will get you," she explained.

At this point, I looked up and noticed that everyone that was out was wearing incredibly drab clothing and shoes. It looked like no one wanted to stand out much. She handed me a random, boring wallet and told me to leave but also told me to be careful out there. So, I left and kept walking.

The next place I made it to was what seemed to be a hotel, but a lot of young people were just standing around, also all in completely drab fashion. They all seemed to be gathered together, waiting for something, but I didn't know what. People were chit chatting and I just kept to myself, trying to blend in. Before I knew it, everyone started shouting, "RUN!"

Oddly, they all seemed to be happy running, like it was a game.

"Find high ground! They can't get you if you're not on the ground!"

Naturally, I ran. I happened to find a modern art sculpture with several spokes that I climbed like a ladder. A lot of people followed me and climbed on as well. I never saw what it was we were running from, but it was apparent that whatever it was, if it caught you, it would kill you. To make matters even more peculiar, this group of young people seemed to be making a game of the whole thing. Finding cool hiding spaces was something they prized, so after we all got down, a guy came by and said, "Ok, the folks up on that statue get the most points!"

Points? For what? I didn't want to find out. So, I went back to walking. As I walked, I somehow figured out I was in downtown Detroit. I was scared because Detroit is a well known hellhole, but also excited because I had extended family in Detroit and thought perhaps I could find them. I came upon a pawn shop and the man working at it looked like another uncle of mine (who is dead IRL). So far as I knew, this was not the uncle whose house we were cleaning out. I was happy to see him because it was a familiar face, but I was confused because I thought he was dead.

I was so exhausted that I decided to hang out in the pawn shop and talk to him a bit. I decided not to tell him what had been happening in case he, too, was a part of the plot to kill my family or part of the plot to chase people around the streets. We engaged in a little small talk and he told me he wasn't really dead but that he just needed to get away from the family (remember, this is NOT the uncle whose house we were cleaning, but a different uncle who had died a long time ago). He told me he had sold all of his stuff to open this shop because he wanted a simpler life. As the conversation progressed, could tell right away that there was something suspicious about him, but I didn't know what. I got the sense that I should leave.

I told him it was great to see him again but that I had to be on my way. He tried to get me to stay and smiled eerily at me. Before I knew what happened, I was being chased down the street by an angry mob. I wasn't sure if they were chasing me or just running in my direction, perhaps away from whatever they were running away from when I had climbed on the sculpture. All I knew is that it was terrifying so I tried to run away from them. I was overcome with the sense that this just wasn't fair, that I was too tired to keep running, that I hadn't done anything wrong, that there was no reason for all of these people to want to kill me, but I kept running anyway.

After a while, I realized I wasn't being chased anymore. I also realized it was dusk and that I had better find a place to hide until morning. I figured nowhere would really be safe, so I just sat down on the sidewalk and cried. I didn't understand why my family had been murdered. I didn't understand why I had to clean the house of this mysterious uncle I didn't know I had. I didn't know why an uncle I knew I had was suddenly alive after having been dead for years. I didn't know why a whole town was chasing me. I didn't know if there were monsters in the town that chased everybody. I didn't know why any of this was happening to me. After crying for a while, I looked up to realize it had gotten darker and that I had just run in a big circle. At the bottom of the hill was the neighborhood where all this began.

Then, for the third time, I woke up. Needless to say, I have been quite shaken by this dream all day. I often have dreams that are strange or scary or graphic, but they're often laughable. This one, for some reason, felt extremely real. Pin It

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