Monday, July 25, 2016

White people, politics aren't just opinions

Dear White Friends,
Can we stop pretending that politics are just a "difference of opinion?" See, we're WHITE. Regardless of what happens in November, we will probably be OK, especially those of us who are straight, cis, and able-bodied. It's easy for us to sit back and say that this or that is just a different opinion and that we have to separate the opinion from the person and we can't judge people just on their political opinions because we have to tolerate and respect all different views because OUR ASSES AREN'T ON THE LINE!

We aren't the ones who are literally going to lose our lives if things don't go our way. We can act like politics is just a big game of tiddlywinks because aren't going to be flicked off the board. Ask the family of a black person who has been murdered by the police, ask a transgender kid who's been beaten up for using the wrong toilet, ask a Mexican who was born here but is getting thrown over the border, ask an Arab who isn't even a Muslim but who is being deported for being one anyway, ask a woman who has been fired for being pregnant, ask a woman who has been fired for using birth control, ask a disabled person who never even got a job to be fired from in the first place because they were discriminated against for being disabled, ask a homeless veteran who has to beg for money from the very people he gave his life for, ask a rape victim who never sees justice if these events in their lives were "just a difference of opinion."

SPOILER ALERT: They're gonna say no. These are not simple political opinions. These are their LIVES.

Your vote is not just YOUR vote. It's a gambling chip for a game of craps that a LOT of people did not sign up for. If you lose, all you really lost was your gambling chip but they lost their actual lives in a game they didn't even really get to place a bet on. Be responsible when placing your bets! You have a lot less to lose than a whole lot of people do.

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