Monday, July 18, 2016

Misandry Myth Monday: She gits half mah stuff!

Misandry Myth #357:
"When we git divorced she gits half mah stuff!"
No. No, sir. You are mistaken. You got married to build a life together, to build a home together, to build a family together. You had goals as a team. You shared your home together and everything in it together. You both had jobs and put your money together into a bank account. Or perhaps, you had a paying job and your wife did not, but she took care of the house and the children, and you did not because, together, this was the life that you both agreed to. It was the life you both wanted. She worked equally hard to create this life and family for you two in this space you both called a home...
....but now that you are getting divorced, suddenly all material goods and property in this space are supposed to be yours alone? Because......????? Because you make more money than her? Because your hard work pays and her hard work doesn't? Because only your name is on the deed? Yeah, well, you never used the vacuum but if she wants to take it, it's not fair because it's "yours?"
No. Fuck you in your face. You are an asshole. I am happy that you are getting divorced. I recommend you stay away from women the rest of your life or at least until your attitude towards women improves (highly unlikely, but not impossible). Congratulations to her for her newly found life minus one overgrown fuckboy!

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