Monday, July 25, 2016

Implied prostitution

I've been thinking about a weird situation that happened a long time ago. It relates to the way that even women pressure each other into implicit prostitution. I used to work at a grocery store when I was a teen. At the time, there was a woman in her mid-20s who also worked there. She was, apparently, dating a really rich guy who bought her a car. It was a beautiful, electric blue Ford Mustang.

A few months after he bought her the car, she realized their relationship wasn't working out. Another girl my age was mad at her and I didn't know why until I caught a part of their conversation.

"You can't leave him!"

"Why, because he bought be a car?"

"Yes! You can't leave a guy after he's spent that much money on you."

"You know, just because a guy has money doesn't mean he's all that."

"Yeah, but you should still stay with him for at least a while longer."

I'm not sure what the saddest part of the conversation was, but at least one of the sadder things was the fact that the girl advocating for the boyfriend made it clear that our bodies and our time are for sale. She really believed that if a man spends a lot of money on a woman, she "owes" him some kind of payment in return. This is prostitution. There's no way around it. This attitude not only encourages women to be prostitutes, it also encourages men to believe we are all for sale. They can get whatever they want from us as long as they spend money. This is how a woman who "doesn't put out" after a guy "buys her a nice dinner/present/piece of jewelry/car" is seen as a "bitch" by both men and women.

Then we wonder why thing like Steubenville and Brock Turner and Bill Cosby happen. We feign horror when men act with the attitudes they've been taught from birth by MTV, porn, pop culture, and Kim Kardashian, as if we have no idea where these attitudes come from. To add insult to injury, "feminists" who really ought to know better seem to be completely ok with all of this...because those women on MTV, in porn, in pop culture, who are Kardashians are just super "empowered."

....and she was only 16. By the tender young age of 16, she already knew that women are all prostitutes and that it is, in fact, our duty to be prostitutes. If there is no other proof in the world that we live in a misogynist culture, let this be the proof.
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