Friday, July 1, 2016

Ads and movies that objectify women are bad but porn is OK?!

How is it that someone can look at me with a straight face be completely sincere and honest when they say the way the media objectifies women is bad because it has a negative effect on women's self-esteem and it has a negative effect on the way to men view women....but porn is totally OK?

Um. Hello?!

And yet thousands of women say this every day, thousands of FEMINISTS who should goddamn well know better say this every day.

I can't think of any industry that objectifies women, hurts women's self-esteem, and screws up men's views on women more than porn… But you want to be upset about a couple of ads you saw on a bus or some shit for objectifying women instead of being upset at porn?


Then, I have to hear about how it's all about women's sexual empowerment and agency and Porn is born of a lack of choice. When your choices are to either drink piss or eat shit and you choose to drink piss, drinking piss can hardly be seen as empowering. Now, if your choices were to drink piss or drink tequila or drink water or drink a Coke or eat shit or eat a sandwich or eat spaghetti or eat tacos, and you still chose to drink piss, maybe I could honor that as a real choice. Maybe I could convince myself that you somehow feel empowered by it. Maybe. Also, just because some women choose to drink piss is not my wholesale endorsement for everybody drinking piss.

I refuse to believe that a woman having a cock shoved so far down her throat that she  vomits and then has to eat her vomit  because it's the only job she can get that pays her enough to pay her bills is "empowering." Having to do an impression of consent just so you can pay your bills is not empowering. Porn is not empowering.

Even if you are one of those people who does porn and you think it's empowering for you, I don't give a shit. It's not about YOU! It's about those women who don't really have many other options or who don't know better, which is the majority. It's about how this affects people who aren't even in the industry, but who watch this crap. It's about the lives of the women who have to date the men who watch this crap. Get your head out of your own twat for a second.

Imagine a worker at McDonald's who has been there for years, who is now making good money in upper management going up to the minimum workers at McDonald's who are protesting for higher wages for fast food workers and saying, "Hey, you are shaming me because McDonald's has worked out great for me. If you criticize McDonald's you're taking away my career choices. You're a bad workers' advocate!"

Well, exactly what you're doing every time you barge in and say that porn is empowering for you so everybody else should shut up about it.

Also, if you try to give me that line about how porn is totally OK because it's all "just fantasy," I will tear you a new fucking asshole  that someone can penetrate for money so that you can talk about how empowered you are. Fantasy takes place in the mind. Porn takes place on real women's real bodies and it's not their fantasy. By your argument child porn, anti Semitic cartoons, Goodbye Uncle Tom, and the original Birth of a Nation, and are all totally ok because they're all "just fantasy."

No. STFU. Grow a brain.

-bangs head on wall-

 Confused cat is confused about how you can be upset over Cosmo, but not porn.

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