Tuesday, June 7, 2016

STFU about Clinton's expensive clothes already!

Whoopdee friggin doo....Hillary Clinton wore a super expensive jacket to talk about inequality. This is being framed as a gross hypocrisy when actually, it DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER AT ALL!

First of all, does anyone ask any male politician how much his clothes cost? No. So you're probably sexist if you care about hers.

Second, it's actually not hypocritical for her to wear expensive clothes. Hillary Clinton is rich. She is powerful. She is experienced. She is privileged AF. Privileged people should not be ashamed of themselves unless they are actively encouraging the inequality to continue. Privileged people should be doing exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing: using their privilege to help people who DON'T have the same privilege. They should be educating other privileged people about how privileged they are and making them understand that others are not so lucky. When you say otherwise, you're falling for the bandwagon of, "You have to be ______ in order to talk about issues related to ______ people."

If only ______ people could discuss ______ issues, that would be the death of all activism of every kind. Imagine if only homeless people advocated for homeless people. How well do you think that would go? Well, as someone who does advocate for homeless people, I can say with certainty, it would not go fabulously. It would not go AT ALL. When society turns its back on a group of people, that group of people does not have the agency to advocate for itself. Even if that group were able to organize, they couldn't mobilize because NOBODY WOULD CARE. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that privileged people don't listen to underprivileged people.

The biggest problem with privilege is that people who don't have it get erased by society. If anybody gave a shit what underprivileged people had to say about anything, there would be no class warfare, no inequality, no social injustice and we wouldn't need rich, white people to remind the rest of us how lucky we are and that we need to think about others's lack of luck just a little bit more and maybe help them out a bit. We wouldn't have to have all these reminders to be compassionate and empathic. We would all just be better people.

We aren't there yet. Hopefully, one day we will be, but we've got a lot of fighting to do to restore human dignity to everyone. Ergo, folks who do have privilege have a great responsibility to use it to help those that don't. Whites must advocate for people of color, men must advocate for women, straights must advocate for gays, the rich must advocate for the poor, able bodied people must advocate for the disabled, and powerful women with the ability to draw a crowd must advocate for the rest of us!

Lastly, we all know goddamn well if Clinton showed up in a cheap shirt from Old Navy, we'd have to hear about how she was insulting the poor with her bad fashion choices. Remember when Kate Middleton wore drab, relatively cheap clothes in India and everyone said it was super insulting and embarrassing? What makes people think it would be different with Clinton? Once again, people put women in a position where we simply cannot win. Hillary Clinton is insulting the poor with her expensive clothes and Kate Middleton is insulting the poor with her cheap clothes. Which one is it?

How about we tell the truth? We just don't like it when powerful women do things and we will look for any reason to tear them down for it.

-sings- She's like a raiiiiinboooooow....

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