Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™

Blegh....left another feminist group because of in-fighting. So sick of this shit. This is why women don't have equality. Apparently, a good chunk of us is much more concerned with being language police than caring about the issues at hand. 

This time it was because a bunch of people were yelling at a girl for posting something without saying "trigger warning" first. She was new to the group and got her head bitten off for it. She then posted about how she thought it was ridiculous that she was getting her head bitten off and that she really didn't know any better and rather than people excusing her or saying "just remembered to do it next time," they just scooped the brains out of her already severed head, ate half of them and threw the other half around the room along with their own feces.

I maintain my position on trigger warnings: They are stupid. There, I said it.

Apparently, some people are too sensitive to live and that's everyone's problem but theirs. As a result, any time anyone says anything at all about anything EVER, they have to sprinkle magical Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™ that makes everyone's pain and suffering and bad memories disappear. This fairy dust also has the magical property of knowing who will be upset by which words but it still allows them to read the big scary words if they want. Then, even if they have suffered a trauma in real life and still choose to read words that remind them of their trauma, the magic sparkles will shield them from being re-traumatized this time. The only bad thing is that each bag of Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™ is single use. That is why it must be applied each and every time. Woe be she who is found without her Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™!

Everyone is traumatized by something and everything is traumatizing to someone. Since we can't be psychic, we just have to constantly, insincerely slobber out the words, "trigger warning," before we even fucking breathe. If you're so goddamn sensitive that you can't read a sentence without being scarred for life, then you don't need to be on Facebook. You need to be in therapy. I say that without irony or mocking. Seriously. Get help. If you don't know how or think you can't afford it, please visit

Also, I find it a bit suspicious that people who are too sensitive and traumatized to read words don't mind yelling screaming and cursing out other people. Are you an illiterate child? Because you're acting like one. Do you not know that articles about sexual assault are...derp...about sexual assault? Do you not know that blogs and websites and Facebook groups and news articles dedicated to feminist issues are bound to spend a lot of time discussing sexual assault? Do you really think Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™ is a hamster ball for your brain that is going to that shield you from any harm? Frankly, I don't see how demanding that everyone else filters the world for you is going to help your mental status. If anything, it will make it worse! 

How do I know? I've suffered anxiety and depression for YEARS and a large part of my therapy has been facing my fears and challenging my own mindsets. If you sit around in your self created padded cell letting everyone else be in charge of your emotions, then you never deserve to leave that padded cell. I refuse to believe that *I* hold the keys to your cell and that you can never escape unless I turn the key made of Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™ so you can decide if you want to see what the outside world looks like. It's your cell. It's your key. You created it. It's YOUR problem.

This is a large part of why I don't get along with a lot of other feminists. I don't like the language police. If you want to turn your back on people who are on your side over something that trivial, you can't be shocked when people refuse to take you seriously. You are always allowed to disagree but there's no reason to be nasty about it. There's also no reason to DEMAND that someone behaves in way that you want, in a way that YOU have decided all by yourself, or else you have the right to revoke their feminist card. For all feminists' rhetoric about the atrocities of people trying to control each other, you'd think this would be a no-brainer. Apparently controlling people and telling them what to do only matters if a patriarch is doing it.

I am not at all apologetic about this. I am not open to discussion about this. Call me a jerk if you want. You're entitled to your opinion that I'm a jerk just like I'm entitled to my opinion that you're a giant baby with a shitty diaper who could but refuses to change it herself.

Oops, I forgot to say, "TRIGGER WARNING!" Please block me if you expect me to read your mind or if you're too stupid to know what your triggers are without being told or if you think I'm not allowed to be a feminist without my Trigger Warning Fairy Dust™. Sick of this shit!!

 "Just farting some Trigger Warning Fairy Dust all over this post for ya in case you might possibly be too traumatized to look at a fucking blog post!"

After this long diatribe, I came to find out that people don't even need the two magical words, "Trigger Warning" anymore. Apparently, all they need to shield them from a life of reading are the letters TW.......TWO FUCKING LETTERS.....that will magically protect people from remembering stuff. That's just how stupid this whole thing is. How can we be assured everyone knows what TW means? If you need two letters to protect you from the world.....blagh. I don't need to repeat myself, suffice to say, I am now rebranding Trigger Warning Fairy Dust as TWFD and adding the magical property that everyone will know what it means just in case.
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