Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey Republicans, put up or shut up!

Another Facebook post turned mini-novel. I felt pretty proud of this lengthy rant, so I figured I should share it.

Some context: I made a post that, "A female republican makes about as much sense as a black KKK member."

There were some laughs and thumbs up, but of course the give a man a fish/teach a man to fish argument came up. While I am NOT a big government advocate because I agree teaching a man to fish is better than giving a man a fish, I also believe that WE are the solution, not the government. So, here is what I said. Names removed to protect identity. Sorry for all the extra spacing....not sure why copy and paste from Facebook did that but the quality of the content remains. XD

Well, if you po' folks just weren't poor and lazy and would just work a little harder, you'd have plenty of fish....so don't ask me for mine....even though I inherited a Captain D's that has been in my family for generations.....but it's MINE!! I earned it! Nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doodoo. Where's my tax break?

The problem is, Republicans actually don't want to teach anyone to fish because education would be socialist...or something. Just let them be hungry and they'll figure out how to fish on their own. Oh, and don't give them fishing poles either. That would be a government handout. You don't want these people reliant on government handouts...then they'll never learn.

The Democrats aren't always right either. If the lottery has taught us anything it's that throwing money at people who have no idea how to manage money usually ends horribly. So, that's why WE need to do it rather than waiting for Uncle Sam to tell us whether or how to do it. If we want government out of our business we need to TAKE CARE of our business.

I don't know why so many people miss this point, but the point of small government isn't, "Screw all you guys, I'm going home...to my mansion." It's, "Yes, we DO need to take care of the poor and underprivileged, but why don't WE do it instead of Uncle Sam forcing us at gunpoint to do it?" Republicans have failed miserably at that.
If three out of 10 Americans go to bed hungry, that means seven out of 10 can help them. Yet, somehow, the seven out of 10 don't seem to want to WITHOUT being forced. You might get two or three out of 10 to help in the best case. So.........who's gonna take care of these people? You won't do it even though we all agree as a society that we don't want people starving. SOMEBODY'S got to do it...put up or shut up. In fact, if I ever run for president, that will be my campaign slogan. Put up or shut up. Prove to the nation that we can take care of everyone without being forced.

As for the poor just being lazy, I happen to know for a fact there are plenty of poor people who are poor because they are lazy. I've BEEN one of those people before. I didn't like my job. I didn't like getting up early. I didn't like the work I had to do. I didn't like being told what to do. So as soon as I made a certain dollar amount, I quit. Then I didn't make any money for months and I barely got by. Then, when I got another job, I made my own schedule. I didn't really want to work then either. So, I was basically making a part time income and just barely getting by. This was working out okay until I ran into some serious family problems and serious medical problems and I'm STILL paying for those....because I was lazy.

But, then there's everyone else. Plenty of victims of circumstance who are working their fingers to the bone and still not getting anywhere. Imagine you're working TWO minimum wage jobs full time. You're still only bringing home $580 a week BEFORE taxes. That's hard enough to support a single adult on let alone a family or a couple (since we don't want them icky wimminfolk in the workplace). Also, a lot of these minimum wage jobs don't have any upward mobility. We're finally starting to see a handful of corporations correcting this without being forced. Everyone else just needs to follow.

Walmart....FUCKING WALMART....is even starting to see that they need to put up or shut up so they're (supposedly) giving raises to half a million minimum wage workers. WALMART! The most "evil" of all "evil" corporations (btw I don't think Walmart or any corporation is evil per se) is figuring this out. I don't know how great that is since they've also cut a ton of benefits, but at the very least, they see that people need to make more money and they have not been forced to pay more.

I sincerely believe that we, as a nation, can come together and take care of ourselves and each other without being forced. The problem is our culture. Until our culture, particularly the wealthy sector of our culture, stops being so greedy, self-entitled, egocentric, and narcissistic, it doesn't matter what puppet you throw in the White House or what tax breaks you give people. When the people who can help refuse to because of some imaginary philosophy about work ethic, people go hungry. There is no reason in the world why this "greatest, richest nation in history" should have ANYONE hungry or on the street.

There's another component from the other side. We have a misplaced sense of pride in our culture that we are never allowed to be weak or vulnerable. That pride quickly turns to shame whenever any of us needs help. We're terrified to ask for it. It hurts pretty damn bad when you force that sense of pride down your throat, narrowly avoiding throwing up, and ask for help only to be told you don't deserve help because you're too ________.

To add insult to injury, whenever the government realizes the corporations are out of control and tries to regulate them in the slightest, what do many of them do? Send their "headquarters" off to the Cayman Islands or hide their money in Swiss bank accounts and foreign investments or some other such place so they can avoid paying taxes.

So what you're telling me is that America is the greatest country in the history of the world and you want to live in America and you want benefit from all the rights and freedoms and conveniences we have in America......but you don't want to put ANYTHING back into America? And then you want to tell me the POOR are self entitled and greedy?!

Don't even get me started on the disproportionate amount of inherited wealth in this country and how all the born billionaires have somehow convinced themselves that they're self made men. LOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I'm all for increasing the inheritance tax above a certain dollar amount. The problem is, the rich will piss and moan that everyone needs to pay their "fair share" and when some poor SOB's parents die and he inherits their life savings of $1000, he'll only get $500....because....that's totally just as fair as someone like Paris Hilton "only" getting $500 million instead of a $1 billion when her parents die.

Enough of this attitude of, "Just work harder and you'll be where I am." A large part of the problem is people's refusal to acknowledge the concept of privilege because they don't know what it means. They think they know what it means and they don't like the incorrect definition they've decided to adopt. Knowing that you're privileged doesn't mean you have to sit around and feel guilty for being white or that you're granted a life free from struggle because you're white. It means that even if you all start off in the EXACT same shoes as people of color, as women, as trans folk, as gays, as handicapped people, whatever, statistically, whatever chances and opportunities are out there, you are much more likely to be able to capitalize on them than anybody else. When you're privileged, it's your default setting so you don't really know that you're privileged. You got by, so other people must be able to. Doesn't work that way.

I saw Michelle Bachmann on...I dunno....Wolf Blitzer or something and in essence I agreed with what she was saying but not with her solution. There was some woman being interviewed and talking about how she had been struggling so badly the past few years because she had been unemployed for so long, yadda yadda. Well, Michelle Bachmann says, "This woman doesn't want a government handout. She wants a JOB! She wants to be a productive member of society." Yes, Michelle Bachmann is 100% right about that. What she is wrong about is, "...so we need to give billion dollar corporations even MORE tax cuts so they can create jobs to help people like her."

Um. If your CEO has a G6, I don't think you really need a tax break to "afford" to hire someone like her.

We have to look at facts which are facts regardless of if we like them. This "work harder" philosophy does NOT have a good track record. EVERY DAMN TIME we've given the super wealthy the tax breaks and the bailouts, what have they done? Fired their employees anyway, lined the pockets of the already obscenely wealthy, and treated their employees and customers even worse because they know every time they shit their pants, there Uncle Sam will be to wipe their asses for them.

.....and the poor are the ones getting a "handout?"
Another fact is that in our history, it has taken "big government" social works programs to get people employed well after the uberwealthy have royally fucked up and completely decimn=ated the economy. Republicans may not like that fact, but it is a fact. If you don't want to have to go through that again, if you don't want big government public works programs, put up or shut up. Give yourself a pay cut from $100 million down to $80 million. You can create a lot of jobs or help a lot of charities with $20 million.

Yet another SAD truth about history that basically pisses square in the face of the republican party: The two biggest recessions in our history have been when we've had a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican President. The Depression and the recession of the early 2000s. It's not a coincidence. It's a BAD formula!

Even if I could throw all that aside. Even if I could forgive Republicans and the super wealthy for their atrocities, I still couldn't vote red again because the Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they hate women, they hate minorities, they hate immigrants, they hate trans folk, they hate anyone non-heterosexual, and so one and so forth. They miss that wonderful time in America's history when white men had ALL the power instead of just most of it. Ultimately, that's why I turned my back on them. You can't sit here and tell me, "We want government out of our business," then turn around and say, "But here's what you are allowed to do with your uterus and here's who you're allowed to marry and here's what kind of sex you're allowed to have and here's what church you should go to if you REALLY want to be American."

The Republican is overwrought with hatred, cruelty, and ignorance (but somehow they love Jesus). If they actually believed in what their platform said, if they actually lifted their OWN fingers to help people, if they actually minded their own damn business, if any of their losing ideas EVER won, I might support them. Unfortunately, since I'm a woman, many of my best friends are immigrants and minorities and transgender and non-hetero, I see first hand how we are hurt by their bullcrap.

So, republicans, put up or shut up. PROVE to me that we don't need socialism by taking care of the problems yourself! What about all that "American exceptionalism" and "American ingenuity?" We have the best, the brightest, the richest, the most wonderful of EVERYTHING and we can't figure out a decent way to make sure everyone in our country gets to eat every day? Come on! We can do it. I firmly believe we can...but I guarantee the current creature know as the GOP won't be the ones to make it happen. Show me you're not the party of hate, that you are pro-life for EVERYONE, not just fetuses, that you really do love America, that you actually listen to that Jesus fellow you're so fond of. THEN you can have my vote back. Til then, piss off.


I know, I'm mostly preaching to the choir so I guess I shall leave the pulpit now.

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