Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We kill more women than soldiers

I was reading an article about the Ray Rice case and I came across an extremely disturbing statistic:

Between 2000 and 2006, thirty-two hundred American soldiers were killed; during that period, domestic homicide in the United States claimed ten thousand six hundred lives.

Does that compute to you? We kill THREE TIMES as many women as we do soldiers DURING A WAR and when a woman dies, she isn't glorified as a hero. She's asked what she was wearing or what she did to make it happen.

Ya got that?

And yet, nobody cares. In fact, people go out of their way not to care or to care deeply in the opposite direction. Rather than caring what happens to these victims they defame them so that they can continue their disgusting hero-worship of grown men who get paid millions of dollars to play a child's game. This is the true reason I hate the NFL and most of its fans. How can you support a form of entertainment full of criminal, misogynist pigs who both COMMIT AND SUPPORT the abuse of women?

...and this is just one of the few we've actually caught!

Or people sit there and go, "Oh wow....that's just terrible....I can't believe that happened....GO RAVENS!!!!!"

Because of cases like this, I am not at all afraid or embarrassed to call myself a FEMINIST and I am ashamed of women who go out of their way to PROVE they're not feminists. Ladies, step up! Stop being afraid of being "unpopular" or "disliked" or thought of as a "hairy armpitted, saggy titted lesbo." If cases like this prove anything it's that, yes, we do still need feminism!

....because who more than misogynist would be overjoyed that people think of feminism as a bad thing?

"....but I can still play football, right? RIGHT?!"
Image stolen from Yahoo! Sports

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