Monday, May 12, 2014

So, MRA's, are your threats fer reelz or just a joke?

Ah, twitter.....the one, unified place where you can see all the worst things in the world living together in discord. I was reading one particular feminist's feed (though it could have been nearly any feminist's feed) and noticed multiple harassing and/or mocking comments from MRA's (men's rights assholes, er, activists). She linked to a blog with screen shots of several very threatening tweets she had received in the past. Many of them were death and rape threats or sometimes both. Many were very graphic. Some were downright scary. Unfortunately, it was a very familiar tale.

These Men's Rights asswipes, er, activists, put her in an impossible place, which I guess is natural since we all know women can't do anything right. She has admitted to having suffered mental and emotional consequences as a result of years of near constant harassment by men's rights asshats, er, activists. This was their intention; to hurt her, scare her, and (hopefully) shut her up. Or was it?

Many of their replies to her laments of emotional stress were, "Oooo, big tough feminazi needs Big Daddy to help sort out her mental problems. If she was tough enough to stand up to us, maybe we'd respect her," or, "Oooo, big tough feminazi can't take a couple little jokes." Of course, how threatening to break into someone's house and graphically rape and/or kill them is funny is beyond me, but we all know women aren't funny and have no sense of humor so that's probably why I don't get men's rights assmongers', er, activists' highly sophisticated sense of humor.

What struck me was the conflicting message. So, what you're saying is, you willingly threaten feminists to scare us, but if it works and we get scared, we are weak and can't take a joke? Sooooooo are you issuing threats or trying to make us laugh?...because we all know women love funny guys. So, is this a pick up artist technique or a real threat? Are you scary or funny? Are you a criminal or a comedian? I can't tell. Once again, forgive me as my vagina and ovaries make it very hard to understand the difference between violence and comedy. Seriously. I don't get it!

I tried and tried to put this in perspective in my brain, but I AM a woman, so admittedly, all the estrogen coursing through my body clouds my logic at times. While trying my absolute best to think logically, it seemed to me that you can't joke with your feminazi and rape her too. I mean, if it's fun to joke about hurting her and she laughs, you get mad and keep threatening, but if she gets scared, you make fun of her for not being able to take a joke. So, basically, I'm just asking men's rights assgobblins, er, activists to make up their minds. Which one is it? Because, frankly, I can't decide whether your movement is serious or a big, fat, joke.


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