Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why white, western feminists should NOT shut up

As a white, western feminist, I hear it all the time, sadly enough, even from other feminists, but mostly from Men's Rights Asswipes and other men who aren't necessarily woman haters, but don't like to fight the oppression because they benefit from it:

"You know, you're white. You don't suffer nearly as much as people of color."
"You know, you live in America. It's not like you live in Somalia and are getting your clit chopped off."
"You know, it's not like white women get murdered by their own families all the time just for being raped."
"You know, it's not like white women are getting buried up to their heads in sand and having rocks thrown at them."
"You know, things are a lot better for women here than they are in most places. I don't see what women are always complaining about."
"You know, things are better for women now than they were 50 years ago. I dunno why you can't just be thankful you live here and now."

On and on and on and on and on it goes. There are all these excuses as to why white, western feminists don't deserve to talk....and the frightening thing that is suggested by all of this is that we need to wait until the level of abuse is unbearable before we're granted permission from the rest of society to fight back. Why do we need a body count first? What about the body count we already have? Is that not enough?

What DO we have to endure before we're "allowed" to start "whining" again? Do we have to be discriminated against for our skin color, get our clits chopped off, get raped and then get murdered for being raped, get stoned (and not in the fun way), let female wages slip to 30¢ on the dollar, and become a pasty version of Saudi Arabia? What conditions must apply before we have YOUR permission to complain again?

If you ask me, the time to fight for your rights is while you still have them, not after they've been taken away...but I guess if you don't wait until they're taken away, you're just a pain in everyone else's privileged asses.

Take THAT, misogyny!

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