Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A plea to Jewish and Muslim business owners

Are you Jewish or Muslim? Do you live in a blue state? Do you own a food service business? As a resident of Georgia who is interested in supporting "religious freedom," I would like to invite you to move your business here here. As a red state, Georgia business owners benefit from lower business taxes, lower than federal minimum wage, more lax business laws, lower property taxes, and a lower cost of living than is usually found in blue states.

While this should be incentive enough for businesses owners of any faith (or lack thereof) to move to Georgia, I specifically beseech the incorporation of more Jewish and Muslim owned businesses because I want Georgians to understand that religious freedom protects EVERYONE'S religious freedom, not just that of white, male, Christians. You see, Georgia is considering following Arizona's footsteps in enacting a "religious freedom" policy that would allow businesses to refuse service to anyone they feel is violating their religious beliefs for any reason. This seems a little strange when businesses in Georgia are allowed to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, alas, this is still a specific bill in the works.

I understand that pork is forbidden for both Jews and Muslims. I also happen to know how much white, Southern Christians LOVE their sausage, bacon, and ham. Well, my Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters, you won't have to suffer their tyranny anymore! They won't be able to force you to sell them anything! Won't it be nice to FINALLY open a business in a state that would allow you to practice your religion freely by refusing to sell pork products? This may even trickle down to protect Jewish and Muslim workers in any business owned by anyone. How relieved will you be not to have to deal with pork products to anyone, even if you happen to work in a store that sells them? You will be protected by the law! No one will be able to force you to handle, stock, or sell them.

Please, I beg you, if you are a Jew or a Muslim, move to Georgia and show people that you support their definition of "religious freedom" and intend to practice the law with them side by side, as brothers and sisters. SOLIDARITY! The founding fathers would be proud.

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