Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just admit you're terrible

Humans are terrible. Every last one of us, especially humans in first world countries. I include myself in this. Here are just a few ways in which I'm terrible:

- I realize that 99% of the things I own were produced in sweat shops.
- There is a 99.99999999999999% degree of certainty that I will continue to buy things I know are produced in sweat shops.
- I think it's pretty hilarious when young children hurt themselves.
- I think it's pretty hilarious when grown adults hurt themselves.
- There are people I would actually kill if The Purge were real.
- I once laughed when a girl I know shaved her head after "trying to kill herself."
- I once laughed at another girl who "tried to kill herself" unsuccessfully for the fifth time. I figured she would have known what direction to cut if she were serious and thought it was funny that she would try to physically scar herself instead of just asking for attention she really wants. 
- I genuinely do not care about anything related to Trayvon Martin being living or dead.
- I genuinely do not care about most people being killed.
- I am more annoyed at being guilt tripped than saddened by the horror of commercials for Sponsor a Child.
- Knowing full well this child is most likely mentally handicapped, I've laughed at this.
- A LOT! 
- I make fun of people I've never met because I think they're dumb looking.
- I make fun of people I've met who have been generally pleasant toward me because I think they're dumb looking.
- I've sent hate mail to Animal Planet. 
- I've dumped guys because they don't put out enough.
- Without ever having seen or spoken to you, I probably already hate you.
- Even if you think I'm wonderful/hilarious/intelligent/cute/anything at all positive.

This is really just a small sample of the terrible things that make up the common, domestic Katie. I don't try to hide these things. I don't even try to justify them, even though that could probably be done. For example, third world countries without sweatshops often have high rates of child prostitution. Those rates decline sharply when the sweatshops open. When those sweatshops close, the child prostitution rates shoot back up. That could be seen as possibly logical justification for not caring about sweat shops....but actually, I don't really try to defend my lack of concern. I am happy I can afford things I want. I really could care less beyond my own selfish bank account.

Some people may think of this blatant admission as a positive thing, but admitting you're horrible doesn't absolve you of being horrible. If Rush Limbaugh confessed in public that he is, indeed, a sexist, racist, evil, ridiculous fuckwit, I would gain no respect for him. I wouldn't hug a hyena for admitting it had spots.


It does seem to make someone more despicable if they don't admit how terrible they are.

Prime example: I have recently become vegetarian. It's been less than a year. It has not been easy. I've cheated and felt very guilty every time. The reason I became vegetarian is because I realized I was full of shit calling myself an "animal lover" then turning around and chowing down on cow ass. It has NOTHING to do with health at all, though some people claim, even with good research, that vegetarian and vegan diets are very healthy (personally, I think eating anything can be healthy depending on balance). I generally don't try to push this on people unless they start pushing their flesh fetish onto me, or unless they just say something mindbogglingly ignorant, cruel, and stupid. My favorite one is, "PEOPLE NEED MEAT!"

And that is based on what?

Generally, whatever "evidence" is presented is crap to begin with. On the rare occasion it's actually well researched, I can dispute because the idea that humans need meat is largely a fallacy that I learned a lot about long before becoming a vegetarian. This has nothing to do with cruelty or intolerance. It's just a fact. People are not going to die from not having meat. Millions of people have lived quite healthy lives without any animal products. They are not a fluke. Many people, like myself, who go vegetarian or vegan don't adhere to a proper diet and end up ill....and then, of course, the vegan/vegetarian diet gets blamed. Well, no. That's like blaming McDonald's for heart disease. No one forced you to eat (or not eat) something you shouldn't (or should).

All that aside, the other argument I'm sick of besides, "PEOPLE NEED MEAT!" is, "Well, it IS cruel to torture and kill animals because they have feelings too, but here is some bullcrap thing I'm going to tell myself so I don't have to look in the mirror and realize I'm terrible. I'm trying to convince myself really, but I'm going to try REALLY HARD to make it look like I'm trying to convince eat aren't that have to have a certain metabolism to be a healthy vegan/vegetarian, so I eat meat......"


If you live in the first world, chances are, you don't "need" meat. If you like it, FINE! But don't sit here and try to bullshit your way out of admitting that you contribute to the lifelong torture of millions of sentient beings. No one with half a brain is going to fall for it. Anyone with at least a quarter of a brain will be able to call you on it. Just admit that you're terrible. Admit you're a killer. Admit you are fully aware of the inhumane, disgusting things that go on behind the slaughterhouse walls but you don't care. Admit that your own cravings are more important to you than causing suffering to beings that are fully capable of experiencing pain in a very real sense.

If you admit that, I won't argue with you. If you try to pass off your willful inhumanity as something that's totally okay n stuff....and uhhhhh.....well cows are dumb....and....anyway,'s not like chickens are going to run for president.....then expect an argument from me or any other sentient being who's tired of people trying to deny that they're horrible. We're all terrible. JUST ADMIT IT!

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