Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Someone who truly hates humanity


(You thought it was going to be me, dincha? FOILED AGAIN!)

Blister packs are pure, concentrated evil spread across various products everywhere, from birth control pills to staplers (two things that can actually complement each other). They are horrible. You can't get them open. They have these little deceptive grooves in them sometimes that make it look like all you have to do is pull them apart. So, naturally, you try to pull them apart and you end up with a bloody hand because the plastic cracks in just such a way as to form a set of fangs to feast upon your humble finger.

...of course it didn't break in a way that actually let you take the product out. No, no, no. It just viciously attacked you...just to be mean.

Even the name.....BLISTER PACK....

-chokes back prevomit-

Who wanted to call it THAT?!

"Yes, every time someone opens a product, I not only want them to cut themselves with my impenetrable plastic coverings and angrily throw products across rooms in frustration, I also want them to gag as they think of a disgusting, pus filled pouch of skin that you can't resist popping even though you know you're not supposed to, but goddamn it just looks so nasty sitting there....gathering pus...turning translucent...mocking you."

What kind of twisted fuck thought this up? Seriously? I must know so I can deliver my great karmic vengeance upon him....and not just for my suffering...for ALL of our suffering. I suggest a thousand paper cuts, lemon juice, and a blister pack coffin, but I'm open to ideas since I know this affects us all.

Image stolen from who stole it from who stole it from Tardar Sauce's mommy and daddy.

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