Saturday, June 29, 2013

MRAs' evo-psych fetish demolished with one analogy

I really do LOL when MRAs use biology and evo-psych as justification for using, abusing, and enslaving women, as if it's the "natural order" of things and as if it "proves" that men are "superior." I will, at this moment, with one simple analogy, put all that to rest....and will continue to LOL as MRAs continue to try to prove me wrong by talking in circles, using big words they found in the thesaurus, calling me names and threatening to stalk me, rape me, and kill me (FYI, I'm usually packing).

Let's say the zombie apocalypse happens and humans win, but there are only 100 of us left, 99 male, 1 female. The species is not likely to make it very far. In the best scenario, a child could be born roughly once a year. Let's say the same scenario were to happen and you had 99 females and one male survive. The species would likely endure.

In the first scenario, even in the highly unlikely, but absolute best case scenario, the future of the species is bleak. The youngest recorded mother is age 5. The oldest recorded pregnancy occurred at age 66. Let's say we have a fertile five year old. For the sake of argument, let's say she gets pregnant immediately after giving birth each time. Assuming multiple births are not usual for her and assuming she doesn't die from the physical trauma and infections likely to occur as result of being raped and knocked up nearly constantly for years on end, assuming all of the babies survive, she could produce, at best about 80 babies (66 – 5 = 61 fertile years, 61 x 12 = 732 months, average pregnancy cycle of nine months gives a possibility of 81.333 births). FYI, so far, human record for most children by one mother is is 69 with 67 of them surviving infancy.

….not great odds.

Reverse the situation, make it 99 surviving females and 1 surviving male (every man's dream, I know), in the best case scenario, there could be 99 births per year assuming all females are fertile and all pregnancies make it to term, all babies survive infancy. The number of births per year in that situation would outweigh the number possible births over the course of the one female's lifetime in the other scenario. One year's births would outweigh the whole production of the species in this scenario. 

Now, using MRA logic, doesn't that mansplain the expendability of males and the superiority of females? After all, you need a majority of females for the species to continue and thrive.

Hey, don't get mad at me, I don't believe in using evo-psych or biological fact to dictate morality or justify awful behavior. I use speculative sciences to call people superior or inferior, expendable or necessary, worthy or unworthy of power, deserving or undeserving of subjugation based. That's YOUR bullshit....don't get mad at me for pointing out how rank it is!

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