Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No, I won't LIKE if I think illegals shouldn't get welfare

Ah, another FB comment turned Redheaded Rant. The following was my response to this ugly little number that's making its way across the social networks. Some links have been added:

Weeeelllllllll actually, I only know about immigration in my own country, but in the US the cost of arresting, detaining, and deporting immigrants (and also the cost of hiring and training law enforcement to do these things as well as building new "detention centers" then paying someone to staff those "detention centers"...I wonder how many illegal immigrant contract workers have help built prisons where they may end up) FAR outweighs the $$ we spend on welfare for "illegals."

Also, many "illegals" do pay taxes and the IRS knows exactly who they are and where they are, but it's illegal for the IRS to share immigrants' personal info with long you're footing the bill for the nation, we won't tattle on you! They do this with what's called an "individual tax identification number" that they put down where we put our SSNs (if you've ever wondered wtf it means when they say "SSN or ITIN" in the instructions). Alternatively, some present false SSNs that they end up paying taxes on.

Also, a lot American citizens that were born here have "illegal" parents. We already have a HUGE orphanage and child homelessness epidemic, an epic amount of child trafficking and prostitution which is met only by the number of child drug dealers and criminals we have. What do you suggest? Adding to the problem? We can't find homes for adorable, caucasian-American children...the kind that white families, which are a majority here, dream think we're going to find 'em for immigrant kids? NOT A CHANCE! Besides, the government (in my state anyway) has overcomplicated the adoption process SO MUCH that in my state alone THOUSANDS of children are born and raised to 18 in foster care, getting tossed around from family to family like a hot potato. Then we can't figure out these prostitution and drug epidemics.

In theory, the idea behind the post is correct, but in practice it's wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Now, if you want to put your money where your mouth is, and you DON'T want big government, and you DON'T want high taxes, and you DON'T want a nation of child prostitutes and drug dealers, then do something about it; volunteer to teach ESL at the library, foster a child, start an adoption center, donate to Planned Parenthood or No Controversy, encourage sex education, set up classes to help people immigrate, advocate for open immigration, support the DREAM Act.

I'm tired of Americans with their hands out; they see immigrants as moochers but they sit on their asses asking for problems to be solved with the twitch of a nose. They don't want to solve problems or even pay someone else to solve 'em. They just want it to be magically done. They don't want the government to do it (which I agree) but they don't wanna do it themselves. So, ask yourself, how many homeless, immigrant, 11 year old prostitutes and drug dealers do YOU want to have to walk by in order to get to your front door before you do something about it?

You can't have it both ways, folks. It shouldn't be the government's job to enforce compassion at gun point, but until Americans start understanding and becoming know, realizing they need to help each other out and take care of each other so we don't have to suck Uncle Sam's teat....we're always going to be in a state of class and culture warfare led by a pack of puppet politicians who serve nothing but their short sighted self-interest and line their pockets with our money and their empty promises.

How you gonna change the world, are you gonna be the change (track 9)? Because last I checked, sharing FB pics doesn't change much.


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