Thursday, April 11, 2013

More proof that women are communal property

What a surprise, ANOTHER girl gets kicked out of school for claiming ownership of her own body via sext but when boys share that image with everybody and their little brother, they're not even lightly rapped on the knuckles with a ruler:

Let's get real for a minute. This has nothing to do with obscenity, promiscuity, morality, poor judgment, or harassment. It has to do with ownership of women's bodies. Alexis needed to taught the lesson that she is communal property, that she doesn't own her body, that the community (read: males) must grant her permission to show her body.

Since she didn't ask the community's permission, she stole from them. She took what was theirs and gave it away without their permission. She dared claim ownership of her own body. The world hates NOTHING more than women who do so and will go to great lengths to punish them for their thievery.

Naturally, because she's property of the community and of men, just as all females are, the boys didn't get in trouble for sharing her image with other boys. As males who claim partial ownership of her body, it's their right to dispose of it any way they see fit. Why should they be punished for using their own property? That's like punishing them for writing essays with their own pencils.

The boys themselves told her that she got what she deserved for not asking the community's permission to show her body. They had no guilt for telling her this either. Society has trained boys VERY well to claim what is theirs and show no shame for it.

Make no mistake. THIS is the reason boys don't get in trouble for sending sexts. THIS is the reason girls get kicked out of school for it. THIS is why we have boys who don't even bat an eyelash before taking videos of themselves raping girls and shamelessly showing it on twitter. THIS is the reason fifth grade boys see no problem with plotting to brutally rape and murder a girl for "being rude" and "making fun of my friends." THIS is the reason that when boys do these awful things, people lament, "It's such a shame these poor boys' futures are ruined," or, "It's really too bad that the integrity of the sports team is now in question," without a breath of sympathy for the victims. THIS is the reason we have rape, sexual assault, rape culture, domestic violence, and a frighteningly high amount of cases of these things that don't even get reported.

Society has also trained women VERY WELL. We know our place. We understand that we are property and if we dare buy, sell, or trade ourselves, that's like stealing money right out of the pimp's pocket. If men buy, sell, and trade us, no biggie. We're their property, after all.

Anyone saying anything to the contrary is kidding themselves. We deserve whatever happens to us if we don't ask permission from society to behave a certain way. Hey, victim, did the community tell you it was okay to get drunk? Did the community tell you it was okay to wear that whorey outfit? Did the community tell you it was okay to hang out with males? Did the community tell you it was okay to leave the house? Well, how dare you be surprised when you get what's coming to you?!

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