Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You tell him, Rosie!

Just one more awesome thing about Roseanne: She thinks women should have guns and that rape whistles are a joke...because we should and they are. 


(Yes, it's from a conservative website. Deal with it.)

What I love about this article more than Roseanne advising women to be armed is proof that "liberal" politicians are every bit as likely to be misogynists as conservative ones. Salazar seems to think we're all so weak, illogical, and emotional that we might just open fire in the mall one day because we broke a nail or some shit.

Women have every bit as much access to guns as men and yet,
Batman shooter--MAN
Mall Xmas shooter--MAN
Sikh shooter--MAN
Day spa shooter--MAN
Sandy Hook shooter--MAN

.....is anyone else seeing a pattern? NOT ONE MASS SHOOTING last year was committed by a woman, and ONLY ONE mass shooting in the past 30 years was committed by a woman, which you can read about here:


And here:


(I am not responsible for the liberal-brainwashed biased, supplementary content of these pages)

But, all that considered, yes, of course WOMEN with our crazy, irrational ovaries and vaginas and hormones are just going to start shooting the wrong people all of a sudden because we're all in constant fear of being raped by every man who walks by.....or maybe we're just on our period and feel the need to shoot somebody....or maybe we just REALLY want to get back at our exes. We should have whistles instead! Attackers always run away from big, scary whistles. Too bad they don't make one of those awful dog whistles with a piercing frequency that only misogynists can hear so we could identify them by their bleeding ears!

...and people say there's no war on women.

Image stolen from breitbart.com, but hey, I credited them and complimented their article. Would they really sue me for "stealing" content?
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