Friday, February 8, 2013

Pointing out anti-immigration hypocrisy......again

There is a Facebook page called "Personal Liberty" that I LIKE'd because they claimed to be supporting, duh, personal liberty. They often posted a lot of great articles about the free market, capitalism, guns, libertarianism, etc., so I was on board.

Well, once again, a Facebook comment has become a blog because, despite the good things they've posted, today they posted a supportive link to THIS and I just could not stop my hands from pounding this rant out:

Most people who ACTUALLY believe in personal liberty are pro immigration. I'm very disappointed that this page has turned out to be yet another tentacle of typical, white, male republican hatred that espouses freedom and self reliance when it comes to billionaires keeping every cent they've made, largely on the backs of the underprivileged, but when it comes to immigrants, the poor, and women, suddenly it takes a village to enforce a warped sense of morality....and then they criticize socialism. HA!

As a disclaimer, I joined this group because I pro-capitalism, pro-free market, pro-gun, anti-huge government, anti-regulation, anti-government up my ass. Silly me, I thought this page would be with me when I say, "Whenever anyone says, 'There oughta be a law,' there usually ought NOT!"

The hypocrisy of this post WOULD crack me up if its fallacies didn't fill me with rage. I love watching white men who claim to want freedom go on diatribes about how freedom means taking away everyone else's freedom but theirs. I love watching them talk about how immigration needs to be "better regulated" with "a bigger wall" watched by "more government agents" who are equipped with "better weapons." Um, dumbass, do you think that shit is FREE? NO! It costs us BILLIONS and I don't appreciate being told by a bunch of hateful weasels that are supposed to be on my team, that I have to willingly waive my small government beliefs for the greater good of "getting rid of" immigrants. Where's your "small government" ideologue now?

I sincerely hope this is just a blog and the author was not paid for this "article." If he was, then he needs to be fired. The lack of research is astonishing, especially in the age of technology when it takes all of 30 seconds to enter something into Google to find facts to cite. As such, I cannot pass up the chance to tell the truth and back it up with actual figures and not mealy mouthed, speculative bullshit that preys on people who are scared and dumb enough to replace facts with faith. Don't get me wrong, passion is important, but this ain't showbiz. If you wanna run with the big dogs of fact and reason, showing your heart and connecting with the audience really isn't "IT."

If the author of this fool's gold plated turd and all the drones slobbering in wonder at it truly believed in personal liberty, small government, and low taxes, then they MIGHT be able to put two and two together and realize that the author's hypocritical suggestions make a bigger, more powerful government that costs us all more money in taxes.

According to the government's APPROVED BUDGET for 2013, which you'd think an author of such a charged article would have taken the ascribed 30 seconds to look up, the cost of dealing with immigration dumps a hefty tab of $5.46 BILLION on the taxpayers. That's nearly $15 million a day! Unlike Republicans will have you believe, this is not the money spent on "supporting their lazy asses while they rape the system by soaking up entitlements." That's a whole separate budget. This is money spent on law enforcement agents, training, weapons, supplies, prison operating costs, deportation costs and other aspects of "immigration enforcement" that make for a bigger government and higher taxes. Don't believe me? Try checking the government's own documents:

I know you won't, because it won't confirm your bias, but the facts are there. Again, where's your small government ideologue now?

Speaking of the idea that "illegals" are system raping, entitle sucking lazy asses who don't pay taxes, something another obviously arduous 30 second fact check would reveal, is a lie. While "illegals" don't have Social Security Numbers, many of them still pay income tax using their Individual Tax Identification Numbers. They pay MILLIONS in income taxes and the IRS knows it. Why doesn't the IRS do anything about it? Well, thank big government because the IRS doesn't track immigration status and even if the IRS somehow finds that a taxpayer is an illegal immigrant, it's illegal to share that information with other government agencies. Isn't it funny that the government is willing to look the other on illegal immigration as long as they're collecting their dues?

Take those 30 seconds to Google it. I dare you.

Now, how is personal liberty affected? Take the state of Georgia, for example. HB 87 gives the police the authority to ask for papers for ANY reason and to arrest anyone who doesn't have the right ones. White people love to sit around and stroke themselves, arrogantly thinking that they're safe because the immigrants are all brown. The only problem is if you live in a county like mine where there happens to have a large influx of Russian and Eastern European other words WHITE PEOPLE. I doubt most folks could tell a white Russian from a white American, and I ain't talkin' about drinks. Hence, the police have full authority to harass anyone they want including you, me, and any other white muthafukkaz out there. And we've willingly given it to them because politicians knew how to use our fear against us.

So, now the state of Georgia has a mullti-million dollar state funded money hemorrhage known as Stewart Detention Center, a HUGE prison specifically designed to detain "illegals," the majority of whom ended up there after being pulled over for minor traffic violations.

I support immigration BECAUSE I support freedom, BECAUSE I support the constitution, BECAUSE I support capitalism, BECAUSE I support small government, BECAUSE I support self-reliance, BECAUSE I support PERSONAL LIBERTY, unlike this page. I really wish this page were with me on that. Rather, this page merely blows itself with talking about "personal liberty" so long as it's only handed out to them and all their white friends.

Sadly, FACTS aside, I know how powerful the noxious cocktail of faith can be, so I don't expect angry, greedy, self-hating and thus hateful people will suddenly open their hearts and actually mimic the behavior of that Jesus fellow they're so fond, no, instead they gently place the backs of their hands on their foreheads and lament, "Woe is me...the burden of the white man is heavy indeed." Talk about a sense of entitlement....I'm really just writing this because I love seeing myself tell the truth to the untruthful as they regurgitate their infectious vomit all over the willfully uninformed.

Fuck this page. 

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