Friday, January 25, 2013

Weird dream II

Seems that weird dreams come in waves. Here is the second one I had last night.

This one I guess isn't really weird so much as it just left an impression on me. In the dream, some "friends" got tickets to go see Dancing with the Stars Live. Two things should be noted. I say "friends" because the people who were my friends in the dream are imaginary people my brain made up I've never actually seen in real life.  The second thing is that I hate DWTS. I used to love it. In fact, it was the original thing that made me want to dance, but I haven't watched in a few seasons because the focus of the show is no longer dance. It's who's banging whom, who's saying mean things to whom, who was seen with whom at some stupid club, what drama is going on, what gossip is going on, how hot so and so is blablablablaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Also, I could not stand other people that liked it anymore because it was mostly crazy ladies acting like they were married to/stalking the male pros on the show. Plus, they didn't give a crap about the actual dancing either.

So...we arrive to the "set" which is actually a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge arena. We had nosebleed seats. I was all upset because the seats were so far up and for one, I'm TERRIFIED of heights and the steps were really steep and there wasn't much room to actually get to the seats. The second was that they were so high up, we literally couldn't see anything. So, I went to see if I could find binoculars for sale somewhere. Spoiler alert: I couldn't.

I walked around the area outside the arena and they had big TV screens showing pre-show material about some new dancer on the show from Australia who was really hot. So I thought, "Screw this, I'm going to sit in the bar outside the arena." Then, after a few minutes, I decided I was kind of ditching my friends, so I went back to tell them that there were no binoculars. When I got back, my friends, who were super nerdy btw, were like, "Hey, Katie, sit down! You have to meet our friend Val."

Another thing shall be noted: Val is a's short for Valentin and he's one of the dance pros on the show, but in the dream, I guess he wasn't. I dunno why he was hanging out with my nerdy friends in the nosebleed seats. It should also be noted: he's way hawt. :oX Anyway, he was sitting a few seats down, chatting with my friends who tried to convince him that they were my twitter fans (which would explain why I have no clue who the fuck these people were) and that he should, like, totally follow me on twitter because I post, like, the coolest stuff. For some reason, I was really embarrassed by this and told them, "Oh, no, they're just being silly."

Then out of nowhere, this tiny puppy came running out of nowhere. I was all, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," but then I was all, "o n0ez! It's gonna get stepped on!"

I picked up the puppy and tried to find out whose it was. Someone a few seats down in the same row said it was theirs, thanked me for holding it. So, Val comes to sit in the seat in front of me and tried to talk to me but a second puppy came running up to me out of nowhere. Once again, I was all, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," but then I was all, "o n0ez! It's gonna get stepped on!"

So, once again, I picked it up and tried to find out whose it was. Nobody claimed the puppy. I guess while all this was going on the show itself went by without notice and ended. The lights came on, everyone started getting up to leave and I was super upset because I couldn't find whose puppy this was. A few of my "friends" told me to just put it down on the ground and its owner would find it. I was really offended and said, "NO! Do you see how many people are here walking around?! Do you see how tiny this dog is?! It will get killed if I just set it down!"

My friends just shrugged, then, Val walked away because he was mad I was paying all this attention to the puppy and not to him. So, he went to go talk to my friends. I was getting more and more agitated that, one, I couldn't find whose puppy this was and I couldn't keep it and two, that my friends didn't care about what happened to the puppy.

"What are you going to do? Are you really just going to stay here until you find out whose it is?" one of my friends asked.


"I can't believe you care this much about some dog you don't even know," said another one.

I was mad that they were being stupid. I was also mad that Val was mad bc he thought I was ignoring him. So, I stood up holding the puppy and bent over to tell my friends I was goign to walk around and try to find the dog's owners, all the while hoping he'd look down my shirt. :oX He didn't. They said they'd wait for me to come back.

I walked around, tried to find the dog's owner(s), couldn't find them, so I went back to my seat. My friends were still there and were still giving me a hard time about not leaving the puppy. I decided in my mind that I was going to stay no matter what until I found whose puppy it was and that all of them could fuck off if they weren't going to stay with  me. I was really stressed that I couldn't find the owners because I couldn't keep it and I was really stressed that my friends were heartless about  it.

Then I woke up. Pin It

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