Friday, January 25, 2013

Weird dream I

I had two weird dreams last night and I just have to write them down. Most of the time, my dreams don't leave any impact on me, so if they do, I feel like I am obligated to write them down.

In the first dream, I have no idea why, but my whole family was doing some kind of military endurance hike together. I can't recall if we were in the military, had signed up for the reserves, were trying to see if we could be in the military, or if it was just a fun family event hosted by the military. In any case, we were the only whole family there. Everyone else is about what you'd expect; big, young guys in camo.

We were all wearing camo as well and the hike began. I don't know what the ultimate destination was, but I do remember it being a rough hike but we were all enjoying it. It was hot and humid and most of the time we were in the woods. There was some moderate climbing, but overall, a regular, moderately difficult hike. It should be noted that in reality, neither of my parents is exactly in good shape. In the dream, however, neither of them was struggling through the hike.

We sweat and struggled and hiked until we reached the part of the hike that was a grassy field. The weather was pleasant. It was sunny, not to hot, blue sky, etc. We decided to take a break, maybe change clothes (we all had big back packs), and eat. I wanted to keep going because I wasn't tired yet, but they encouraged me to take a break so I wouldn't lose all my energy at one time.

Somehow, we figured out we were in Texas. We had started the hike in south Florida. In the dream, I knew we had been hiking for hours upon hours, but I was skeptical we could have possibly hiked from FL to TX. Anyway, my parents had some friends that lived nearby. They wanted to visit, shower, eat, sleep, etc. I told them we shouldn't or we might get in trouble. They convinced me there was no way anyone could know we stopped for this.

The odd thing about this hike was that there was no time limit to reach the goal. Also, I have no idea what the goal was. All the hikers didn't choose the same path for the destination. So, by this time in the hike, there were no other young men in camo around us. I finally agreed to go to the friends' house with the family.

Apparently, the friends had teenage children who were having a party when we arrived because there were teenagers hanging out everywhere doing....teenagey stuff. Some were playing on their phones together, some watching TV, some making out, some talking about ordering pizza, etc. Somehow, I ended up being the only person stuck hanging out with the teenagers. My parents and my sister ran off somewhere with the adults.

All the adults decided to go to a restaurant, but I was the last person to know. Everyone else had showered, changed their clothes, and looked like a decent person who hadn't been hiking in the humidity for hours upon hours. They didn't want to wait for me, so we all went to the restaurant and they told me to try to clean  up in the bathroom there. Unfortunately, the stalls in the bathroom were REALLY small and it was REALLY hard for me to get dressed in them. The water also wasn't running properly, so I couldn't even wash my face. I just tried my best to use paper towel to wipe the sweat off.

I don't remember us actually sitting down to eat. I just remember us all getting in a car that was headed to Dearborn, MI. It should be noted that Dearborn is where my family is from, where I spent the first few years of my life, and where both my uncle and grandma died very recently. I was all upset that we were taking a side trip from the hike. I wanted to get back to the woods and head to our unknown destination. Yet again, the family just kind of forced me to go with. I couldn't get back to the hike alone because I wasn't sure where we left off or how to get back.

The last thing I remember is riding through downtown Dearborn arguing with the driver, whom I can't recall, about how to get "there." No clue where "there" was.

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