Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fuck you, Carrie Bradshaw! Fuck you right in your stretched out, smelly asshole!

Can we please just murder The Carrie Diaries before it happens? Seriously...that show needs to fuck right off the planet. Sex and the City truly was a great, entertaining, innovative show IN ITS TIME. It hasn't been its time in over a fucking decade! Yet, they keep shoving it down our throats. SATC Movie! SATC Movie 2! SATC Neato Box Set Thingie with Free Vagina Spray! 

And now the goddamn, motherfucking, ass-ramming Carrie Diaries

They do it because unionized writers suck ass and don't come up with anything new and if they do, it gets shot down by big production companies for not being lame stream even talented writers succumb to churning out skid-marked pages of toilet paper so they can earn a living....because that's all anybody in our society likes: having the same old vomit regurgitated into their mouths over and over and over.

"Mommy, can we please have some of that same chewed up worm and dirt flavored Barf-A-Roni you made last night?"

Then they like to blow themselves by claiming it's a creative "reboot." It's not. You're just fucking lazy and you're not fooling anyone.

I'm tired of this shit. What's next, Ally McBeal: The Teen Years? Cliques: The Friends' High School Days? Fuck Hollywood and NYC! Fuck 'em all with a cactus til they die from it. I'm so tired of having this shit inflicted upon me and everyone else with half a braincell left. It's not as easy as changing the channel either; to avoid this mind numbing, repetitive bullshit, you better just go live in a cave in the woods. Sure, you can change the channel, but it's no use. No matter where you turn, something else equally retarded will be on. You can stop watching TV, but stories about it will be all over newspapers, magazines, and online publications. You might try turning to comic books only to find they've become the same diarrhea milkshake. You can stop reading, but you'll have to hear all about it on the radio. You could say FUCK YOU to all forms of modern entertainment, but you'll still be visually assaulted by it everywhere....billboards, grocery stores, newsstands, gas stations, subway cars, taxi cabs, buses, etc.

I wonder if this is what happened to Henry David Thoreau. I wonder if he just got so fed up with living in a world of semi-conscious zombies who'll eat whatever flesh is thrown in front of them, even if it's stale, rotten, and full of maggots, and said FUCK IT! I'm going to go live in the woods and blog about it....because you know as well as I do that, if they had blogs back then, that's what he woulda been doin'. Just sayin'.

BTW, I stole the bird image from this page, who most likely stole it from someone else. 

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