Monday, January 21, 2013

Caucasian common company

It's interesting what people will say to you when they think they're in common company. They judge you by your skin color, your clothes, your hobbies and they just decide what is appropriate conversation. I've had people who don't know me very well make comments assuming I am:

Meat guzzling

There are many more judgments people who don't know me that well will make about me without any confirmation and will go ahead and start a conversation with my based on said judgments. My two favorites have to be the first two in the list. Today being MLK day, I am going to focus on the second one.

Isn't it interesting that when you're white, other people think you won't mind super racist comments? I'm not talking an off color, "Well, I'll have a coke then," type joke. I'm all for a nothing-is-sacred view of comedy. I also don't believe when most people make racist jokes, they are seriously reflecting hatred toward other people. I'm talking about following comments:

"Did you see the niggerfest on TV today?"
"OMG, I can't believe the FalCOONS blew it last night!"
"Look at that ugly fucker. Ugh, well, he's black, so what do you expect?"
"They got niggers in Japan (I lived in Japan for a few years; this question was asked more than I like to admit)?"
"They got spics in Japan?"
 "Well, of course it's clean there, they don't have any niggers/spics/sand monkeys/insert racial slur (I've also traveled internationally a lot)."

"Hitler knew the truth about Jews. He tried to tell us, but we didn't look at the economy. Of course it's fucked up when all the people with all the money are Jews."
"The KKK did a lot to help women. So many women were being raped by blacks and the KKK protected the women from them (which, historically, is partially true; one of the KKKs priorities was protecting white female sanctity, but when it was said to me, it was a statement of goodness about the KKK)."
"You're from Atlanta? What are you, the ONE white person there? Do they even let you in restaurants and stores there?"
"You don't think niggers are violent and stupid? Do they have different niggers in Georgia?"
"This was such a nice area til they elected a black mayor who screwed up the city and then all the ragheads took over."

These are all things that have actually been said to me. I wish I were making them up or exaggerating. Worse, a lot of it is from people who barely know me!

By my appearance, I guess it is safe to assume I'm not a "nigger," but it's not really 100% certain that I wasn't perhaps adopted by a black parent or perhaps have a black brother or sister or perhaps a black boyfriend. In any case, just because I'm "obviously" not black doesn't mean I like hearing this kind of bullshit.

The interesting one is the "spic" case. You can't really look at me and know whether I'm a "spic." People will think white skin, blue eyes, red hair, freckles, no way she has any Latin heritage. That would be true had I not met plenty of naturally white skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed people from South America. People don't realize that Spanish speakers come in all colors. That sometimes happens when you send a bunch of Europeans to places. I've freaked people out before and told them that my parents are Argentinian. When they were mortified, I said, "Nah, I'm just fukkin with ya." I wonder if the lesson stuck.....    

Now, I can say with confidence, that I've met a lot of really unpleasant black and brown people. I can say the exact same thing for white people.

In summation, unless you know someone REALLY well, watch your fukkin mouf! You never know what someone else's circumstances are, especially if the person is American. We've had all colors and cultures immigrating and intermarrying for a while. It's what has made our nation what it is. Don't assume because I'm white I want to hear your racist comments. In fact, they make me really uncomfortable and I have no qualms about telling you so....and then you'll feel like a jackass, which will be great because you'll deserve it.

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