Friday, December 7, 2012

Yet another weird dream

I don't put much stock in dream interpretation or anything like that, but once in a while, I have a dream that really does affect me.

Last night I had a really weird Inception style dream. I kept waking up from the dream and then falling back asleep and oddly going back to it. The weirdest thing is, it took place in my apartment and everything looked the way it does in reality. Normally, that isn't the case. In a dream, you somehow "know" you're in the house you grew up in, but it doesn't look like the house you grew up in. It looks like CandyLand or some oddball shit and you just accept it.

What made it so weird, beyond my apartment looking exactly like it does in reality, was that I kept waking up and then going back to it. Normally when I'm having a dream and I wake up from it, it kinda slips out of my head. Even if it doesn't, when you go back to sleep, rarely does your mind go exactly to the dream you were having. It makes up another one. Being that the dream setting looked exactly like reality, I actually don't know how many times I really woke up and how many times I just dreamed I was sleeping and woke up into that dream again.

Even weirder, every time I "woke up," I was relieved, "Ah, that scary dream is over," only to go back to sleep and have the dream pick up exactly where it left off. There were even a couple times that I thought I had awakened only to find that the dream was real. It was some serious Freddie Kreuger shit.

It was the first time in a long time that I've not been able to separate a dream from reality. I mean, obviously, I'm awake now and know that this is real and blabla, but during the event, as I said, I don't know how many times I really woke up or if I ever did wake up.

So, weird Pillsbury flakey biscuit layers aside, the story was bothersome too. The first instance of the dream, I woke up and I noticed my bedroom door was closed. In reality, I almost never close my door...which made it even more confusing when I "woke up" because the door would sometimes be open the way it is in reality...again adding to the problem of not knowing when/if I really woke up. Then, I heard some odd sounds coming from outside my room. I thought, "It's probably just people banging around outside," and went back to "sleep."

The first revolution of awakenings begun. I "woke up" and was in the same spot, door closed, banking in the kitchen, feeling anxious. This time, I told myself, "I better get my gun out of the dresser drawer and keep it in bed with me, just in case." Then I went back to sleep again.

The next "awakening" came, I felt relieved only to notice I was back in the same spot. This time the door wasn't closed all the way. I could hear people talking and rummaging around in my kitchen and living room. Even scarier, I could see their shadows moving around. I was scared shitless, so I just stayed in my bedroom, hoping they wouldn't bother me, that they would just take what they wanted and leave. I held my gun and sat up.

Consider that in reality, my uncle and my grandmother have both recently died, which means I have acquired a lot of items that have no real value, but a lot of sentimental value. The more I listened to them going through my things and packing them up, the angrier I became. I didn't want to lose the few connections I had left to the family I just lost. Of course, I talked myself out of going outside of my bedroom and point the gun at 'em with the intention of just scaring them off....and I fell back asleep.

I woke up again to see my door open and heard no noise. I was relieved. I was back in reality and the ordeal was over. Being exhausted from the series of awakenings and frightening dreams, I fell back asleep quickly.....and there I was again. I woke back up right where I left off. This time, I decided I would be bold. Why should I let these criminals frighten me? Why should I let them take away things precious to me? I got the gun, turned off the safety, and walked to the door.

I intended to cock the gun, but then I remembered my dad told me that if I was ever in a situation like that, it would be best to cock it where the invader could hear it because the sound alone would be enough to scare 'em off. So, I opened the door and cocked the gun. There were two men, one fat and loud with a beard, one skinny and quiet with a mustache, putting all my items in bags and suitcases; not just the ones I inherited, but my living room was completely empty save my sofa and loveseat. My TV, my TV cart, my telescope, my DVDs, my National Geographics, my lamps, my rock/mineral skulls...everything was gone. They had packed it all up.

I pointed the gun at them and was surprised to find it didn't shake them at all. I yelled at them to leave and they just laughed. I told them, "Don't you see I have a gun here? An automatic? I could put a couple of holes into both of you!"

It was at that point, the fat man got out a machine gun and pointed it at me and laughed. As one would expect, I went back to the bedroom. They never seemed to want to come near the bedroom, even though they had packed up everything in all the other rooms. Oddly, they were just kind of hanging out. I went out there again, gun still in hand, but not cocked or pointed, and told them that they had everything they needed and to leave. They insisted on hanging around. They told me to go back to bed.

I did, and fell asleep again. On comes the next dream revolution. They were STILL hanging around, so finally, I came out of my room, angry and told them to, "Just get the hell out." Somehow, I knew they weren't out to hurt me, but just wanted all my stuff. In any case, they ignored my request. It was then I noticed that the thin guy looked familiar. He looked exactly like my uncle's friend, Joe, a real life friend who I met when I went to Detroit for my uncle's funeral.

I said, "Wait a're Joe!"

The men both looked at each other like they had just been caught doing something bad. He denied that he was Joe. I knew it was him, so I called him by his obscene nickname that I won't repeat here. The other man laughed, surprised that I knew. Joe still denied he was Joe, but I grabbed him by the arm and threw him on the floor. I yelled at him, "How could you do this? Don't you know who I am? You were supposed to be Don's friend! Don loved his nieces. How dare you come here! You came here all the way from Detroit just to get some silly stuff?"

He continued to deny that he was Joe or that he recognized the things he was stealing, many of which had been Don's. Still, they hung around, so I went back to bed and fell asleep for the next revolution. This time, when I woke up, they were in my room. I still had my gun in hand, and since they were in my room, I shot them. The problem was, the gun seemed to misfire. The bullets came out, but they were just lightly lobbed at them. I remember them asking me what was in the closet. I told them, "Nothing...just girl stuff...clothes, shoes, whatever."

I didn't want them to discover my ammo and steal it, so I kept trying to deter them from going in there. Of course, it didn't work. Before the very last time I fell asleep, they hadn't stolen anything from the closet, despite rummaging around in it a long time. They insisted on continuing to look for something to steal. I woke up, I checked the door to see if it was open. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know if I was still dreaming and the robbers had left or if I had really woken up.

In every revolution of the dream, I couldn't find my phone to call 911 an I thought it would be a poor idea anyway because I'd have to whisper or the operator wouldn't be able to hear me. I figured it would be best not to call their attention to my room.

It was so bizarre. I can't figure out how many times I really woke up, or if I ever did. It almost seemed like Groundhog Day, but with dreams. It was actually really scary for me. It took me a lot of time to orient myself back to reality this morning. I wasn't even sure I was in reality.

Now, as I sit here yawning, battling falling asleep again, I still worry about returning to that awful dream and being confused about reality. I hope I never have to go back to that dream....but I am still avoiding sleep in fear. 

I know it's silly. It's just a dream. It's all over now. My mind will make up new stories tonight that I'll probably forget the second I wake up. Like I said before, sometimes there are dreams that just really affect me. This was one. Pin It

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