Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm pro-gun but....

Considering most of the "liberal" attitudes I blog about, it may shock some people to know that I'm incredibly pro-gun. I'm a lifetime NRA member. I come from a long line of gun owners and gun supporters. I knew since I was about 8 years old what a gun was, how to use it, where my parents kept it, and more importantly, that it wasn't a toy and never to touch it unless I intended to kill. I don't believe in gun bans except to minors, and even then I sometimes wonder.

No, I don't think that a couple of whack jobs going postal on a movie theatre, a mall, a school or a nail salon means any bans on anything should be imposed. It's stupid. Period. Ask any gang member if they give a shit about assault rifle bans. Ask them if they think it will make them any less able to get one. Ask them if they have one of their own already and if they do, in fact, intend to kill with it.

This may seem like a strange and extreme view for a vocal feminist to have, however, I can explain it in four words:

Life is not sacred. 

Life is a series of chances. It was by random chance you were brought into the world, it will be by random chance you are taken out of it. Life may be cool, interesting, educational, enjoyable, or good, but sacred 'tis not. George Carlin explained it best when he said, "If everything that ever lived is dead and everything that's alive is going to die, where's the sacred part?...It's self serving,  man made bullshit story."

So, go ahead with your harsh criticisms of me for being a "gun nut," I'll give you a few minutes.

Now, let's turn our attention to a significant number of folks who carry my extreme view of firearms. You know the type...the type I have NOTHING ELSE in common with....well, except maybe skin color. You know who I mean, white, conservative Christians who only think life is sacred if it's in a uterus.

Yeah, that's right, we can put bans on doctors and hospitals and patients and even the tools used in order to inhibit the "murder" of fetuses. We can claim that life is SO SACRED that the second the sperm hits the egg, life has been created and every possible measure (unless it means a tax increase) must be taken to insure that life makes it from conception to birth. Of course, once it's born, fuck that baby, it's on its own. If it doesn't want to live in the dumpster where mom dropped it off, well, then it just needs to work harder and one day it will be a millionaire. 

Yes, all this attention must be paid to a child who has yet to take its first breath, because life is ever-so-sacred and precious.....but any Tom, Dick, or Harry, any hairy dicked Tom can, without restriction, run into any gun shop and buy a tool that is specifically designed to kill people.

Now, I understand, when somebody breaks into your house and threatens to rape you and steal all of your shit, you want to be able to defend yourself. If you choose to do so with a machine gun....with 600 machine guns, I have no problem with that; but don't you dare sit around and tell me how goddamn sacred pre-life is and therefore we must:

-prevent independent clinics from performing abortions, even if staffed with fully capable OB/GYNs
-force women to undergo religious propaganda in the form of "counseling" before obtaining abortions
-force the state to sexually assault women in the form of vaginal ultrasounds before performing abortions
-force women to then listen to the "unborn child's" heartbeat to make sure she really wants to kill it
-after all that and more, tell women that if they want to have abortions, they have to go home and think about it then come back a few days later

....when you vehemently insist that in order to obtain a tool that has no other function beyond killing, there should no background check, no waiting period, no mental health check, no safety class, no certification class or no restriction of any kind. How dare you try to say life is sacred. If you're going to say life is sacred, then all life is sacred, everything from a fetus to a mass murderer. You don't get to pick and choose whose life is sacred. Isn't that the job of that God fellow you're so fond of?

So, buy all the guns you want, kill all the fetuses you want. It doesn't bother me in the least because it's consistent. Besides, for all you know, that fetus might grow up to be an abortion doctor, so aren't you glad we killed it already so you won't have to bother shooting it later and consequently have a bunch of liberal assholes trying to take your gun away from you?

....and while we're being honest, let's just admit it: Nobody gives a shit that there was a school shooting. White people care that their precious little children might not be safe in public schools.

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