Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How do I become a terrorist?

I stumbled upon this interview of NSA whistle blower William Binney, who left the NSA because he couldn't stand the egregious violations of the constitution and of privacy. I became enraged.

It's not exactly news, it's something I've known a long time, but didn't quite know its magnitude. In short, we're all being watched and NOT by Google ads, by Big Brother. In fact, Big Brother has been known to order "ask" Google to hand over the information that we were all told was just for "targeted advertising." So, all you "free market" people (who don't actually support the free market) can pat yourselves on the back for that one. If you want to maintain that corporations can exist COMPLETELY unregulated, this is what you get, a company like Google monitoring your every move because you've said they can because, "Derp, it's capitalism," and then you are so surprised when they're ordered to hand over that info.

By the way, liberals, don't think I'm letting you off so easily. You're the ones that think we should pay more taxes and have an even bigger government because you think big government means free healthcare, safety nets and more money for education while conveniently forgetting that big government also means the Patriot Act, Big Brother and more money for data storage so they can watch your every move. Then you whine that your rights are being violated. Nice going.

Alas, I shall divert from the crucifixions for the moment to focus on the main idea. The US government has become so big and powerful that we don't even know what a "terrorist" is anymore. What EXACTLY is a "security risk?" What EXACTLY defines a "threat?" What EXACTLY does one have to do to become a "terrorist?"

It looks like all the government has to do is decide you're a "security risk" and they can monitor sift through the already collected data of everything you've ever done. Worse, they don't owe you or the public an explanation. They don't have to explain why they up and decided to arrest you. They just DECIDED. That's it.

You may have never once uttered or published or displayed the words, "DEATH TO AMERICA" or, "Honk if you love Al-Qaeda," but perhaps you've just gotten on someone's bad side...perhaps you complained about the government a little too much...perhaps you wrote a few to many letters to congressmen...perhaps you made a few too many Youtube videos or blogs or Facebook posts or emails or online petitions or tweets or web chats or web sites or podcasts...and, apparently, that's just not safe activity in the "land of the free." A witch wiggles her nose, POOF, you're a terrorist.

This has been done intentionally so that we will all be frightened into staying quiet. Fortunately, there are plenty of us that have not shut up, that will NEVER shut up and, til the day we die, will encourage others to stop shutting up. When we all banish our fears and break our silence, we have the simple responsibility to use our newly found freedom of voice.

If the government should take that information and decide that we, who use our constitutionally protected rights to speak our minds and write our grievances, are all terrorists, then


Yes, by that definition, I am a terrorist; a happy one, a proud one, an unafraid one. So, FBI, am I on your list now? Are you going to start watching my every move sift through every single solitary action I've performed online now? Are you going to imprison me now? Are you going to send me off to "camp" in a foreign country to be indefinitely detained now?

I hope so. Go ahead. Brand me a terrorist. Sift through my emails. Read my Facebook posts. Monitor my tweets. Then, once you've had enough, arrest me. I dare you. Arrest all of us "terrorists" who speak freely, who write freely, who address the government with a list of grievances freely, for those are our constitutional rights.

...you remember that thing? THE CONSTITUTION? That document a buncha smart guys got together and signed to preserve the free state? That document you swore to protect? You know, the one you rape every time you clock in to work? You should be arrested, you should be indefinitely detained, YOU are the terrorists!

...and we outnumber you and you will beg for mercy should you ever fall into our hands. You will suffer. You will crumble. You will lose.

"In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost." --Alfred Whitney Griswold

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  1. Good thing I use browser addons that block ads and stop google's scripts for gathering information about me. I wonder if I'll get investigated if I put in the words "assassinate the president" in here.

    1. from gathering, not for gathering

    2. You can "opt out" all you want, you're being watched somewhere. Just because you don't see the ads that have been targeted for you doesn't mean they're not there....like I said, it's not just Google.

  2. You make a lot of assumptions about liberals. where do you get this stuff? liberals are for the patriot act? that was Bush and co. Power to the people requires having a powerful government that works for the peoples interest against the military, industrial, corporate interests. Making that government accountable to us ordinary, diverse folks requires fearlessness, and continuous learning, and vigilance. We have a long way to go to achieve Democracy. Keep fighting.

    1. I don't say that liberals are for Big Brother or the Patriot Act, but they don't seem to understand that those are inevitable consequences of bigger government. It's just like Republicans who want small government but support anti-immigration measures that give the police the right to ask anyone for their "papers" at any time. They don't realizing that they've just made the government bigger and more powerful and have traded away their own rights in addition to everyone else's. It's nice idea that a government would actually take care of us if it had more money, power, and support, but governments aren't responsible.

      In fact, they're a lot like gods. They're only interested in their own power and in beating their "followers" into submission. Few governments in the history of the world ever really worked FOR the people's interest. If they did, there wouldn't be so many revolutions throughout history. Most of the time governments are only out to manipulate and dominate people so they can preserve their own wealth and power. I don't know why people think the US would be different.