Friday, December 7, 2012

Hey Christians, atheists actually protect your rights

Everyone is a victim in America lately. Apparently, this richest, greatest country in the world, as we're so fond of saying, has become Soviet Russia overnight, but the people who do most of the oppressing are victims. A la Yakov Smirnoff, in Soviet Russia the powerless oppress you. We've got white males who think they're victims to evil feminists' plot to destroy their society. We've got rich people who think they're the victim of icky poor people's plot to drain their bank accounts. Last, but not least, we've got Christians who think they're the victim of atheists' ever-present "war" on religious freedom.

It should be noted that feminists, atheists, and poor people have no such agendas, but you have to create an oppressor if you want to play a victim. Nobody knows how this victim culture started. Some blame the 70s with its, "Every child is special," culture, which could be a root cause. Others blame political trends that favor the wheel squeaking the loudest getting the oil and have decided that if they want even more oil to add to their already obscenely large reserve, they better become squeaky victims too.

Focusing on the "victimized" Christians, their stunt is to claim that atheists are oppressing them. How 16% of the population is oppressing 75% is beyond the scope of logic, however, it's what Christians maintain. Forgetting that atheists pay just as much in taxes as Christians do, they claim their freedom of religion is being taken away because atheists won't let them have prayer in public schools, or display the 10 Commandments outside a public courthouse, or put up nativity scenes in public parks, or let cheerleading squads force girls to paint religious banners for their football teams.

Of course, those same "victims" aren't capable of considering how they might feel were the shoe on the other foot. Since Islam is the fastest growing (yet seemingly most hated) religion in the world, it's only fair to make an example of it. Christians, here is a thought experiment for you:

How would you feel if there was a minaret in front of a courthouse that you had to pay tax money to upkeep? How would you feel if one day you went to school and noticed a bunch of prayers in Arabic gracing the walls? Similarly, how would you feel if you were a Christian student that had to listen to Muslim prayers in Arabic over the P.A. system every day or perhaps even five times a day as Islam requires? How would you feel if you were a cheerleader and you had to help paint Quran verses on large rolls of butcher paper out of which the football team must ceremoniously burst? How would you feel if you were a football player that had to ceremoniously burst out of a paper full of Quran verses?

If you're still having trouble empathizing, try to recall how you felt when you learned about Park 51 applying for public funding.

After this exercise in empathy, Christians claiming to be victims of the "war on religion" should realize that atheists have done more to protect their rights than they understand. Yes, atheists will take away public funding from your church. Yes, atheists will remove your nativity scenes from publicly funded grounds. Yes, atheists will continue to remove your prayers and Bible verses from public schools. For hese are not "rights." Nowhere in the constitution, that document you're so fond of citing, have you been guaranteed these things. Atheists can't take way rights you never had.

Also, when atheists take away your perceived religious rights, they also guarantee that no one else's perceived religious rights go up in their place. If atheists get their way, no, you will never have to pay to upkeep a minaret in front of your court house. No, you will never have to pay for Ramadan decorations to go up in public parks. No, you will never have to pay taxes to fund a school that forces your child to listen to Muslim prayers up to five times daily, etc. 

So, when atheists take your "rights" away, you should thank them for it, not claim they've declared "war" on you. Their freedom guarantees yours and vice versa.  

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