Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't want to pay child support? Wrap it up, or put it up!

A growing number of conservatives and "men's rights activists" maintain (somehow with a straight face) that men have no reproductive freedom. If a woman gets pregnant and doesn't want the kid, she can abort it. If she wants the kid, even if he doesn't, she can keep it and still force the man to pay child support for it. There's nothing he can do even if he told her from day one that he does not want kids.

This is a side of the reproductive debate that is often ignored, but there's a very good reason it's ignored. It can be justified in one simple sentence:

Guys, if you don't want to be a dad or pay child support, keep it in your pants, or at least, wrap it up.

Oh, the outrage I can already see being ejaculated all over my face by conservatives and "men's rights activists" for daring to even make the suggestion that MEN be responsible for their own sperm. Yet, I'd be willing to bet that every last one of them believes that if a woman really doesn't want to get pregnant, she should, "Keep her legs together."

Somehow, it's okay to tell women how to operate their vaginas, but woe be upon she who dares tell a man how to operate his penis. Actually, try thinking for a moment and you'll come to the logical conclusion that the following is common sense for both genders. Don't want to be a parent or face an abortion? Don't fuck. Wanna fuck but don't want to be a parent? Protect yourself. I don't care if the other person said they "had it covered." Don't be an idiot. I don't care if it sounds "untrusting," never put your reproductive rights in someone else's hands. Guys, don't tell me, "She said she was on the pill." Ladies, don't tell me, "He wouldn't wear a condom."

If you, male or female, are going to throw all the wonderful scientific advances in birth control, be fully ready, willing, and able to accept the consequences, be they pregnancy, be they child support, be they abortion. Guys, any time you play victim about getting a woman pregnant "by accident," because, "she was supposed to be on the pill," you're full of shit. You're not a victim. It is your fault. It is 100% your fault. You could have chosen to wear a condom. Don't tell me, "But it doesn't feel as good." It feels a fucklot better than having your wages garnished to support a kid you didn't want for a minimum of 18 years.

Ladies, same thing. You're not a victim. I understand not every woman wants to take birth control pills; they're one more chemical that can have horrible side effects. Still, you could have chosen to tell the guy, "Wrap up or get out." Sure, I've heard guys whine about condoms, but if it comes between getting laid or not getting laid, trust me, they won't argue. Again, don't tell me it doesn't feel as good. It feels a fucklot better than either aborting a baby or pushing/cutting it out of your body and then having to feed the damn thing for a minimum of 18 years.

Except in cases of rape, male or female, there are no parental victims of accidental pregnancy. You both ignored simple logic, you can both pay emotionally and financially for the damage. That's the price of being a dipshit.

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  2. This really is a good argument as to why the child support system should be entirely voluntary, rather than mandated and controlled by the state.

    At no point in time is paternal custody anything but choice - for anyone. No one should have the right to use that choice and social attitudes toward that circumstance to extort money from the other party.

    Unfortunately, the law and court systems support women in doing exactly that.

  3. I've never understood why people will leave comments only to delete them. I guess people are really bold when they think only one person will see what they say, but not so bold they want the public to see. In any case, it's only fair I respond to BOTH of your comments, so here is the first one:

    "That you see an ideological difference between "If a man doesn't want to support a child, he should keep it wrapped or keep it in his pants" and "If a woman doesn't want to support a child, she should keep her legs shut" is very telling. You must not think very much of women, to believe that men are responsible for our choices.

    The fact is, maternal custody is a choice. There is no point at which you can logically, reasonably argue that it isn't - you make the choice to have sex, who you're going to have it with, whether or not to use birth control, whether or not to require birth control of him, whether to use plan B, whether to surgically abort, whether to retain custody or relinquish custody (to him, to family, in an adoption, or even safe-haven abandonment).

    Once you've made all of those individual choices - 7 in total, with sub-choices adding it up to 11 - it's quite pitiful if you have the nerve to whine that you can't handle the choice you made, and someone else should have to pay you for it. Using feigned concern for the child to get that money doesn't justify the predatory behavior of using your kids to extort money under the guise of helplessness - it merely adds exploitation of social attitudes to the nature of what you are doing."

    And now I shall respond to BOTH of your personal"comments,"

    I think it's funny you feign concern for *MY* stance on women only to conclude that women are unfairly taking advantage of the system, but since you did, don't accuse me of whining because I never did. I have never been pregnant nor have I ever had an abortion nor have I ever gotten child support.

    Second, I wouldn't call child support from a mother or a father "extorting" money from someone. It's one thing if one person is a millionaire and the other is asking for millions in child support. It's completely different if you're both just middle class folks doin' your thing. The fact is, throughout history, men have, in practice, had "voluntary child support." It was called, "skipping town." It didn't go so well. Children became a much larger burden on the state than they should have and as a result, then money was (and often still is) extorted from ALL of us rather than one jerk who wouldn't wear a condom. You'd be hard pressed to find a first world nation that didn't have some kind of court-mandated child support in place. The U.N. agrees.

    There's a big difference between philosophical equality and real world application. You're perfectly welcome to disagree, but I doubt it will ever change.

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