Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's NEVER been about controlling birth, it's ALWAYS been about controlling women, AKA FUCK YOU HOBBY LOBBY!

Yet another woman hating company was forced by a federal court to lift the guise of misogyny off of their image so we can all see them for the sexist animals they are. Hobby Lobby was ordered to pay for contraception coverage based on the fact that private businesses are not religious institutions, which have been given the right to hate women deny women contraceptive coverage.

Hobby Lobby's case was basically that their CEO, David Green, just hated women and wanted to show the world just how much was an evangelical Christian whose religion prohibits contraception and therefore he should not be forced to pay for something that violates his religious beliefs. Several businesses are trying to cite their religions as reasons to hate women deny women coverage, but it's an obvious ruse that is fooling exactly NO ONE.

First of all, what kind of dipshit entrepreneur whose business mostly caters to women would publicly sue the government with the express purpose of hurting women? That would be like The Village People coming out against gay marriage and refusing to allow "YMCA" to be played in gay clubs. Not too bright of a business plan.

Secondly, it's never been about controlling birth. It's ALWAYS been about controlling women. Period, dot, end of discussion. Anyone who argues with you and says they really do feel that every sperm and egg, even before they are successfully joined and implanted, are precious lives and that birth should never be inhibited in any way is a liar, a charlatan, and a pig who wants an excuse (for himself and all his bros out there) to ride bareback and be completely irresponsible for the consequences...and I can prove it.

My first bit of proof is by their logic, every man alive is a serial killer. Every day, every hour, likely every minute and possibly every second, millions of precious life-creating cells are flushed down toilets, rinsed down sinks, tossed away in Kleenex, and washed out of socks that were crammed into the bottom of hampers so they'd just look like they were there a really long time.

My second little iota of evidence is that Catholics are really the only ones who can say that their religion expressly prohibits contraception. Catholics are the only religion that have one official leader who is infallible and can make decrees. The Humanae Vitae, or the papal decree that contraception is a sin, was made up by Pope John VI in 1968. 1968, not 1689, not 6000 years ago when, according to the same "religion," the earth was created. David Green was already 27 and had already been married for 8 years. 

How is it that David Greene isn't Catholic but insists his "religion," which has no official decree from any one of any kind ever in history, prohibits birth control? "Christian" is not an officially organized religion. With the exception of Catholics who have to listen to the Pope (but don't, apparently), any Christian can, at any time, just decide what is or isn't against his religion. This is why some Christians think birth control is okay and others think it's genocide. It's just cherry picking. Do you pick Leviticus or John Lennon Jesus?

Another thing to ponder: Consider that David Green was 19 and his wife was 17 when they got married. How did the two of them only manage to produce three children? Did he just never shag his wife? Did they just have lucky timing? Are they both just super infertile? Are we really expected to believe that they've just been using biorhythms all these years? Please.

Lack of Catholicism or surplus of bullshit aside, my last bit of evidence is that the very same "religion" that prohibits birth control also staunchly prohibits premarital sex and homosexuality, but somehow David Green doesn't have a problem with supporting those sins. Of course, David Green realizes that men can be happily involved in both of these prohibited activities, so he wouldn't dare use his religion to impose his views on his male employees.

Clearly, it's not refusing to support something that violates his religious views or moral values, unless of course plain ol' misogyny is considered to be a mandatory religious view. If it were about religious views or moral values, why isn't Hobby Lobby suing the government to avoid paying for the following:

Viagra for gay or unmarried men?
STD related medical costs for unmarried employees?
Any healthcare at all for gays?
Obstetric care for single women?
Female employees that have not asked for their husbands' or fathers' permission to work?

Even if you leave the Obamacare point out, why is it that Hobby Lobby has no policy (that we're aware of) that allows highly trained teams of managers to spend a month with their employees to supervise their personal lives to ensure they're not doing anything that is against David Green's religion? After all, if you're paying wages to someone who does something that violates your religion, isn't that the same thing?

Oh yeah, that's right, because those things might actually affect a man's health, happiness, or lifestyle and we can't dare risk a precious man's happiness. Only those disposable creatures known as women could have their health, happiness and lifestyles dominated by a control freak who hates them. That's the truth, everyone knows it.

David Green, I don't care how many times you thank God, I don't care how much you "take no credit (just all the advantages)" for your wealth, I don't care how much money you give away. You're a misogynist and you're not fooling anyone. If you really believe in the sanctity of life, less reliance on social programs, the free market, small government, stop proudly supporting fairytales a shameful belief system that forces unaffordable, unwanted children to be tax burdens on all of us, you included.

Even though you're not Catholic, I'd like to dedicate this song to you:

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