Monday, November 12, 2012

Capitalism Doesn't Kill Compassion

I support capitalism. I also support compassion. The two are not mutually exclusive no matter what some people will try to sell tell you. When you support some millionaire cunt for fucking over his employees and claim it's okay because it's capitalism, you are wrong. It's not capitalism. It's cuntacity!

The problem with most "capitalists" is that they don't really support capitalism. They support one side of capitalism...the greedy asshole side. Even a lot of low income folks support thas side of it, but not the idea of capitalism as a whole because they've been led to believe that not sharing is a virtue. They think you can't ask or expect or hope people with obscene amounts of money to be kind, compassionate and reasonable to their workers without being a "socialist." Basically, they've given business owners license to get away with things they'd chastise their own mothers for.

Isn't it funny that when the government institutes something like medical insurance that will cost both corporations and private citizens money. private citizens are expected to work it out, but if you expect a corporation to do the same, you're a "socialist?" Somehow, private citizens just need to, "Come up with the money themselves," but corporations don't and we can't ask them to or else we're "communists." So, it's okay for them to cut wages to make up for the money Obamacare will cost them. It's okay for them stop offering benefits. It's okay for them to lay off thousands of workers....and don't you dare protest this or you're a freedom hating terrorist sympathizer.

Private citizens have a lot fewer options in making up for lost money. I don't have the option to cut my rent so I can make up for the money Obamacare will cost me. I don't have the option to stop offering payments to my electric company. I don't have the option to lay off my food budget. Yet, corporations are somehow absolved of the responsibility of making up for lost income.

STOP THAT! Stop thinking that corporations "shouldn't be forced to" pay for things you are forced to pay for! That isn't capitalism. If I have to pay it, if you have to pay it, they should have to pay it. People love to say, "Freedom isn't free," but for corporations apparently it is. Are you going to be using the misguided excuse, "Well, big companies can do whatever they want. I support capitalism," when you're starving because you had to come up with money you didn't have to pay for a social program you didn't want and the only way to do it was to cut your already severely pared down food budget while some billionaire fat fuck with millions to spare gets away with not paying for the very same thing? REALLY?!

Worse, many who call themselves capitalists have been sold the idea that anyone protesting, boycotting, or generally criticizing on the poor wages, hours, and treatment some companies dish out to their employees is just a dumbass, a pussy, a socialist, a communist, and/or a freedom hating terrorist sympathizer. You are also wrong about that.

A terrorist thinks, "Those people have/do something I don't approve of. I don't realize the reason I don't approve of it is because I'm jealous, but in any case, I'm going to threaten/silence/bomb/kill/destroy/injure anything or anyone I don't approve of because if I don't approve of it, it shouldn't exist." 

Conversely, protesters and boycotters think, "This person/corporation/entity is a cunt and I'm going to use my first amendment rights to tell everyone I possibly can what a cunt this person/corporation/entity is in hopes that everyone who knows will choose, of their own volition, to stop supporting this cunt. Perhaps if enough people get the message and do the same, this person/corporation/entity will contemplate his cunty ways and change. Perhaps he won't, and that's fine too because he still won't get a dime from me and I will still spread my ideas to everyone I can."

How the latter is "terrorist sympathizing" or "socialism" is beyond the bounds of reason. Well, it is for anyone with half a brain that hasn't been sold anything.

Asking companies to be compassionate and reasonable to their employees does not make one a "socialist" or a "libtard" or a "terrorist sypathizer." Asking the government to force companies to be compassionate and reasonable to their employees does. DIFFERENCE. Yet, people who claim to support capitalism but only support the greedy asshole side have yet to digest this concept.When will people understand that choosing to share the wealth with your employees because it's what your customers want IS capitalism? When will people understand that protesting and boycotting a private business IS freedom? When will people sit down and start asking the RIGHT question?

The question is not, What's wrong with capitalism and how do we fix it? The question is, What's wrong with our culture and how do we instill compassion in it?

Until we have a more compassionate culture, we will be dominated by greedy assholes. As long as we're dominated by greedy assholes, the more the government tries to regulate them. The more the government tries to regulate them, the more freedom we all lose!

As you may have guessed, I'm alluding to Papa John's recent claim that their employees hours/wages will be cut to "compensate" for Obamacare. As a reasonable dissenter who supports both capitalism and compassion, I am boycotting Papa John's and I told them so Facebook and will be sending the exact same letter, one emailed, one hand written, to the corporate office.

I realize the text on the pics is waaaaaaay too small to read, but I screen capped 'em just for evidence that I posted that in case they take it down. Here is the full text:

Dear Papa,
Say goodbye to a loyal customer. I have loved your pizza and been a good customer for years, but now that you're pushing your political agenda by harming your employees, I wouldn't use your food for anything better than toilet paper. I would have happily paid more for your product to offset your costs because I still think both Dominoes and Pizza Hut taste like giant, moldy crackers that somebody in an Italian frat house puked on, but I digress.

Who do you think you're teaching a lesson and what lesson is it? Better ingredients, lower wages? Better health, poorer workers? I'll tell you one lesson you're teaching me: Poorer morals, fewer customers. Shame on your dare they be able to afford going to the doctor? Better cut their hours and wages to keep 'em as poor as they were.

I'm not exactly left-wing, but you're a great example of evidence that maybe, just maybe, Obama isn't the problem and that greedy, little schnatts like you are. Even right-wing Fox News makes you look like a cunt....yes, blame the franchise owners. How convenient that you set up your business in a way that you somehow get all the profit, but none of the responsibility.

I will no longer be buying your product. I don't care to support anyone who is so out of touch with reality that he thinks life at the top in his multi-million dollar mansion is harder than life at the know, the bottom...where a lot of your employees are, in beat up, old Nissans praying some fat schmuck actually gives them a modest a tip to make up for the hours they lost for daring to accept forced socialized medicine that they didn't necessarily ask for.

Go ahead, poll your employees, I dare you. See how many of them voted for Romney. See how many of them didn't ask for this but are getting screwed over, not by "the system," but by YOU. Of course, likely in your mind, that's what they deserve because they're just lazy moochers who haven't worked as hard as you.

Applying your own philosophy, maybe if you worked just a little harder, you could afford to cover your losses...but you couldn't, could you? You couldn't dare make due with YOUR pay cuts the way your employees have had to. You couldn't dare maybe sell a yacht or move into a slightly smaller shopping mall of a house, or just play a little less golf every year. Nope, gotta cut everyone else's wages. After all, you worked hard to get to the top, why sympathize with anyone who has yet to do the same?

And while I fully expect this post to be removed faster than I could type it out, hopefully at least one person, maybe a customer, maybe another employee, maybe a product supplier, will see this and realize they should stand up and get your marinara and cheese encrusted cock out of their ass and quit supporting your business.

Fuck you, I'm going to Johnny's NY Pizza from now on!

A formerly loyal customer,
Katie MunchmaQuchi Smith

I can't wait to hear from all the "conservatives" who "support capitalism" running their mealy mouths about concepts they think they understand. It'll be one of the more tragicomical things I've seen in the past few days. 

Image stolen from someone on, who definitely stole it from someone else.
Fuck your cunt lickin' pizza joint!
 I hope someone schnatts in your million dollar swimming pool.

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