Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are men EVER going to take responsibility for their own happiness?

Not if "men's rights activists" get their way. "Men's rights activists" don't care about men's rights. They care about women's wrongs. Their only function is to blame women for everything. If there is will and a way to blame women, they will. Women are  men's scapegoats. Whenever men aren't happy, it's women's fault somehow, no matter what the circumstance.

If women don't want to work during marriage/pregnancy/motherhood, then they're lazy gold diggers that are just after his money. If women do want to work during marriage/pregnancy/motherhood, then they're overambitious cunts that no man wants. If a woman wants to stay home and cook and clean and raise kids, then she's boring and unstimulating. If she doesn't want to, then, once again, overambitious cunt. They've put women in a game that we can't possibly win.  

Women, on the other hand, are responsible for our own happiness, and everybody else's apparently. Everyone tells us that if we don't have what we want in our lives, it's because of some mistake, personality defect, attitude, lack of confidence, blablablablabla. So, if we want to be happy, we need to make the changes in our lives that will bring us happiness. If we're not happy with our bodies, it's our fault for not exercising and eating right. If we're not happy being single, it's our fault for not focusing on relationships enough. If we're not happy being married, it's our fault because we're not focusing on ourselves enough. If we're not happy in our social lives, it's because we're not wearing the right designers. On and on it goes.

Conversely, if men want to be happy, then apparently women have to do it for them. Apparently, men aren't capable of changing their own lives. Apparently, men aren't capable of deciding what is and isn't good for them, what does and doesn't make them happy. Nope. All they're capable of doing is blaming someone else for their own misery.

There's evidence of it EVERYWHERE and it's a conscious plot to undermine female happiness and security. Afterall, if someone is happy and secure, she may be less willing to be commanded, dominated, degraded, used, abused, etc., etc. Plus, the economy would suffer because the sale of makeup, perfume, sexy underpants, not sexy, but shape forming underpants, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., etc. would drop dramatically. Pick up a men's magazine some day. Take your pick, GQ, Maxim, FHM, just grab one off the shelf. Thumb through it and let me know how many articles you see that start with, "How to make her (insert thing she doesn't want to do)." Compare that with how many articles you see that start with, "How to change yourself so she'll like you better."

Pick up a woman's magazine some time. Repeat the previous exercise. Both women's and men's magazines are full to the brim with these little "advice" articles, the parts of which add up to the same sum: Women need to change to make men happy and men need to change women to be happy.

It's not just magazines. If you want another clear cut example of this, look no further than here.

Yes, there's a WAR ON MEN, didn't you know? See, there are women that actually want to be happy and choose their own life paths, much the way men have done since the dawn of time. Well, those stupid cunts are out to make men's lives miserable, of course. They don't do these things simply to be happy, they do it just to spite men. As a result, men cannot possibly find their own way to be happy if these testicle devouring harpies are allowed to live. If men are to be happy, then women must do as men command. There is just no other way to run society.

So, ladies, if you want to be happy, just change yourself completely so men will like you, but then don't go complaining when he dumps you for not being yourself. Or, take the Oprah route and go or it; make the changes within yourself that will bring about those goals you want so badly to attain...just don't ever expect any man to love you. Happiness and self-actualization are apparently hideously unattractive character flaws.

Men, if you want to be happy, don't go for it. Certainly don't change anything that might make a woman like you better. Don't go soft either by making the changes within yourself that will bring about those goals you want so badly to attain. Apparently, you're incapable. No, instead make a woman do it for you. Obviously, if you're not happy, it's her fault.

What's that, guys? You DON'T think you're completely useless? You DO think you can choose a happy life? You DO think you can step up and improve yourself rather than asking women to devolve to your comfort level? You DON'T expect everyone to take responsibility for your unhappiness? Well, don't shoot me. I'm merely the messenger conveying the ideals and beliefs sincerely held by "men's rights activists" and opportunistic cunts like Suzanne Venker. In their minds, this is you:

And they want to keep you that way. You thought those people were on your side, HA! They couldn't be more your enemy if they tried. They want to keep you feeling stupid, useless, and powerless. They want you to keep thinking women are enslaving you somehow. They don't want you to improve yourself. They don't want you to be happy. They don't want you to live the life you want. After all, if you were happy, there would be nothing to blame on women and they'd be out of a job....which they'd also somehow find a way to blame on women rather than using their abilities to do something else.

Feminists are actually your friends. Feminists tell you the same thing they tell women. Go for the life you want, make the changes within yourself to bring about your goals, it might be hard, you might have obstacles, but you can do it, blaming others is immature and counterproductive, you are the most powerful person in your life because your fate is in your hands and it's your responsibility to take charge of it. Contrary to what "men's rights activists" try to sell tell you, that's what a feminist believes. That's what a feminist believes because that's the truth.   Pin It

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