Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Progressive's "Snapshot" terrifies me....

Progressive has this little device that plugs into your car and spies on you temporarily so they can decide if you're worth having cheap coverage or not. Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

Sure...they're just doing it just now for just a little bit just to see if you just barely qualify....just for now....just for a little bit...they're totally not spying on you or watching your every move's just for now.

Do I need to keep slipping up the slope here? Sure, it's just for now.....until it's not. Then you have to keep it plugged in all the time so they can spy on you permanently. Then, based on patents, Geico can't exactly copy the technology, but they can create something just like it but slightly know like the iPhone and the Droid....and then Amica does it, then Allstate, then State Farm, the AmFam, then Liberty Mutual, blablabla.

Of course, you "could" go with another small, independent insurance company, that is if one exists. Kinda like if you don't want to be spied on when you shop for groceries, I guess you could drive 60 miles to a small convenience store in south Georgia where they haven't "invested" in cameras yet because their business insurance didn't make them. Publix, Target, Walmart, Kroger, and even shitty little convenience stores have cameras. I'd be amazed if I could find anywhere to get all the products I need and want without being spied on. I guess I'm supposed to go start my own farm, my own clothing company, and my own toilet paper manufacturing facility if I don't like it. I could totally do it if I just worked hard enough....


Yeah, yeah, now you're stroking yourself thinking, "Hmm, I heard a word in debate class that if I use will make me sound like a total jackass really smart....oh oh I know....logical fallacy...that's it...a slippery slope is a logical lose, me smart."

Before you fold thinking you're cashing in, what other parallels can we think of? Well, auto insurance is a state issue. There is no federal mandate for it. So, one state did it, then another, then another, and now I don't think there isn't a state that doesn't force you to buy auto insurance....Something similar is happening with smoking bans and it would take a moron not to have seen either of these things coming a mile away.

I guess those were logical fallacies why did they really did happen? If something is "illogical" in terms of philosophy or debate, I guess that totally means it would never happen in life. Life is all logical, reasonable, and scientific.

We're not in debate class, so you can stop trying to act smart now. Whipping out some lame term you learned on high school debate team doesn't absolve you from the burden of exploring thought once in a while. Put that thing away...nobody wants to see that.

Anyway, this is why I don't believe that as long as a business does it, it's not Big Brother because evil good ideas tend to spread.

Also consider, I'm just a random person who doesn't know that much about insurance or business plans, but if some random idiot like me can come up with this idea, I think a millionaire business mastermind that became a millionaire business mastermind for coming up with great business plans could probably concoct a similar plan. Just sayin....

It might never happen....I hope it doesn't....but if it does, no one should be surprised.  

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