Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not afraid to fail....


I have started an atheist, feminist podcast called Ranting Redhead Radio which will be available on I know, chances are it will be just like the other millions of podcasts out there that nobody really cares about or wants to listen to. The statistics are on that side.

....but what if it's not.

What if it's wildly successful?
What will it that mean?
What if I become a public figure?
What if I end up on Oprah's couch?
What if I can't handle my hate mail?
Am I going to have to start obsessing about how I look every time I leave the house?
Am I going to have to monitor my blogs and social network posts like the TSA?
Am I going to pull a Britney and get knocked up and shave my head and go live in a trailer?

This is all really terrifying to me, even though it's what I "want." Honestly, ever since I was born, I've seen myself in show biz. I'm a natural for it. When I was *2* I had dance solos in ensembles of much older girls. I was always at least one age group ahead of my age. I always got major parts in plays in drama club and then drama class in high school, despite being one of the least popular people in the school. BTW, my school was pretty big. I got an A in a speech class that I never once actually WROTE a speech for more than I night before...most of them I made up on the spot.

So, I have no doubt that show biz is a natural fit for me and that I will actually be successful at it.....AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT AM I GONNA DO THEN?!?!?!?!?!?!

...but I guess I shouldn't worry. Afterall, chances are, I'll fade into the background with the millions of other pseudointellectual bloggers.

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