Monday, August 27, 2012

Why I don't believe in registered firearms

When it comes to gun control, a lot of people will argue, "Okay, you can have your guns, but you should have to register all of them and take a firearms class."

It would sound logical, one that I was almost seduced into supporting before I truly looked at it from every angle. It would seem to be a good idea if you didn't take the time to think this through....which most of you probably haven't done; I'm not saying you're stupid and incapable, but people tend to declare pretty clearly where they stand on gun control and a lot of times won't re-examine their ideas. I ask that you do and that you bear in mind a few things....

Considering that cops literally kicked people's doors down and confiscated their guns during hurricane Katrina (which is all way old news, I realize, but I was out of the country at the time and didn't hear about it til recently, so it's news to me) means that there is a precedent. Police (read: government) is perfectly ready willing and able to disarm the innocent public.

How they intend to get the weapons out of the hands of truly dangerous people, who aren't going to register their firearms anyway, remains a mystery.

Of course, when the NRA took the Katrina situation to higher courts, the courts naturally mandated that the city of New Orleans had to stop (doesn't mean they did, but legally they were supposed to) because they were clearly breaking the fourth amendment (illegal search and seizure).

Just for fun, let's take one more step....

If everyone has to register all of their firearms and a similar situation were to occur where a government decides to flat out ban all firearms (as long as you're a law abiding citizen that is), I don't think the NRA would have a case. I don't think the police would be breaking the fourth amendment at that point. I think the registration itself would be probable cause enough for the police to literally kick your door down and steal yo' shit.

Once again, consider truly dangerous sociopaths that are in the business of drugs, theft, murder, etc. Do you really think they give a shit about some dumbass gun registration law? Watch an episode of Gangland and I think you'll find that they don't register their weapons. 

Even if you live in a nice enough neighborhood to fool yourself into thinking gang violence won't affect you personally, but in the meantime, gun control will protect us all from random shootings in schools and movie theaters and tourist spots, imagine yourself living in another neighborhood. Maybe it's not south central LA....but maybe it's about 10 miles from there, where you're not really surrounded by sociopaths, but it's really just a few exits away; far enough from the center of the action to think you're pretty safe, but close enough to it that the police may or may not show up if you call. Use that human ability to empathize and tell me again if you really think you'd feel just fine and dandy having no firearms and just thinking that dialing 911 will take care of any potential problems you may have.

Let's be serious.....

I don't care how strong an advocate of gun control you may be. If the thought of police kicking down your door to steal yo' shit, with full permission from federal courts since gun registration could pose for probable cause, doesn't literally terrify you if you think about it for more than a second.....I'm sorry, but I dare say you need your head examined.

And before you all crucify me about "logical fallacies" and "statistical evidence" and other bullshit you don't really understand but read in a debate book and wanted to sound smart by mentioning so you'd automatically "win," consider one more think. Laws don't always protect us from what has proven to occur and is guaranteed to occur again, but what may occur. The entire U.S. Constitution was written with ideas of what may occur. There would be no 10th Amendment if it weren't.

...not that it means courts uphold it, but you understand what I mean. 

Second, I am not a scientist nor a statistician. I never claimed to be either. I have, however, claimed to be a thinker that prides herself on looking at things from every possible viewpoint. Shutting down an idea on a blog that's just about sharing ideas, just because it didn't occur in a laboratory or on an official document is something that....well.....sorry, but something only a really stupid, lazy, closed minded person would do so that they can absolve themselves of the responsibility of thinking for themselves. We're not talking about whether the world is flat or revolves around the sun or whether it's okay to teach creationism in science class, and I'm not a politician on TV trying to win votes by making up bullcrap, okay?

It's okay to be speculative and contemplative sometimes. It really is. I promise. In fact, that's how you get most of your ideas about most. There is no documented evidence that watching Real Housewives of Cunt County will make you stupid, that cake is amazing, that red wine tastes like stale Birkenstocks, that turquoise is the prettiest color, that Aunt Sylvia is a total pain in the ass, or that Big Bang Theory really is a hilarious show (because it isn't). So, you can take your pseudological, pseudointellectual gaslighting and shove it right up your gashole. 

Besides, there is documented evidence that police can (and have) knock down your door and steal yo' shit (Japanese Americans, WWII), and specifically can (and have) take away your ability to defend yourself against the very gang members and sociopaths and other general fucknuts who are out murdering people and NOT registering the firearms they use to do so.

One more hypocrisy then I'll be done making you learn something about yourself....

It's adorable to me that a lot of the same people that think drugs should be legal and want to ban guns but use the some very same logic to support their point that they would rip apart in a heartbeat if someone used it against them. "If everybody had access to ______, ______ wouldn't cause so  much crime."

Sounds familiar? Seems the slippery slope is only a "logical fallacy" when people pick and choose their slopes. 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, to recap, don't give up your second AND fourth amendment rights. What's left of the Constitution is already one ply of those last two squares of toilet paper left on the roll as it is.

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