Monday, July 9, 2012

Self esteem is bullshit

It seems that someone hypnotized the entire planet and while everyone was under, their brains were programmed with this absurd idea that self esteem is the key to success in everything. Everything from careers, to romance, to creative success....all of it has to do with your self worth.

What a freshly squeezed pile of horse shit.

Of course, if I argue, the mesmerized masses will cite some random, outlying example of someone who has whatever feature society loves, but doesn't have self esteem, so isn't successful. Well, two can play at that game. Mila Kunis has many times said that she does not think she is attractive. Yet, by some magical force, she ends up with modeling jobs, acting jobs, and voice acting jobs. Not to mention, I don't know a heterosexual guy who WOULDN'T bang her. Shouldn't she be unsuccessful and unbangable due to her low self esteem?

Demi Lovato is another example. She has publicly admitted she has self esteem issues, most notably manifested through eating disorders and self mutilation. These are two problems that could not exist if she had a "healthy" sense of self esteem. Once again, it doesn't stop her from getting modeling jobs, acting jobs, record deals, and men's affections. How is she achieving all these successes when she clearly has low self esteem?

The simple answer to both questions is that both of these gals are conventionally attractive and conventionally talented. It doesn't matter what they think of themselves. Society has decided for them that they are worthy of success and attention, therefore, they will get it, even if they believe themselves to be undeserving.

Apparently, even with all of their success, their minds can't be changed. The point that others can't change your mind about yourself may ring true, but the idea that others won't value you until/unless you value yourself is bunk. We can look all over Hollywood for evidence. In fact, based on their behavior, I'd venture a guess that the majority of Hollywood is filled with self-hating, masochistic fucks. Note that self-esteem and ego are NOT the same thing. Plenty of famous folks have ego up the wazoo, but deep down, their senses of self with are very low. Somehow, when I mention this, it "doesn't count." It only "counts" if someone cites the oddball example of an ugly, yet successful woman because it fits with The Lie.

Besides, isn't the whole thing a big, fat load of victim blaming anyway?

"It's your fault people are assholes to you because you don't love yourself enough."


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  2. This is fucking right on. I'm sorry I'm so late in reading and sharing it.