Monday, July 16, 2012

It's all YOUR fault, not feminism's

Lately, I'm hearing a lot of men complaining about how women "used to be" and how feminism has "ruined everything," for men and has "hurt men" because women aren't "like that anymore." The most interesting thing about this is that most of the men who talk about how women "used to be" are men that weren't alive during the times in which they claim women behaved a certain way. The other interesting attribute of men who say these things is that they are ALL whiny, irresponsible babies who should have been aborted.

How can I judge a bunch of people that I haven't met? Quite easily...anyone blaming anyone else for their own lack of dating success is irresponsible. This might come as a shock to most men, but you're the author of your own reality. 

YOU are your problem with you.
YOU are your problem for you.
YOU are responsible for your actions and reactions.
YOU are responsible for who you date.
YOU are responsible for who you marry.
YOU are responsible for communicating your emotions.
If you're not happy it's all because of YOU.

...not because women got the right to vote or actually get to have jobs, even if it's means we may have to work twice as hard but expect half pay...which, of course, we should get...because we're chicks and should be at home cleaning up your shit.

I won't say that there aren't women who mistreat men, there certainly are, but when you say, "Now women are all (insert undesirable descriptor) and it's all because of feminism," that's just like women saying, "Men are all douchebags now because and it's all because of Jersey Shore." You can see how utterly ridiculous that is when the shoe is on the other foot, right?

I'm also not victim blaming. I'm not telling you if a woman mistreats you, it's your fault. I am telling you that if one woman mistreats you, if one hundred women mistreat you, it's not because of feminism and it doesn't mean that every woman is horrible. I am also telling you that you may need to think about what it is in your personality that attracts horrible people. Not that you deserve to be mistreated, but that assholes look for certain vulnerabilities and there's no problem with figuring out what they are and trying to improve them in a healthy way. 

I know it takes LOT of work, and it's no fun and it seems like no one else has to go through this shit but you, but that's not true. You never know what someone else's experiences have been. These are things that people tell women CONSTANTLY; that we have to live for ourselves, that we are responsible for our attitudes, that our joy is up to us to create, that we have to love ourselves and take care of ourselves before anyone else will love us, that we don't have to be perfect, but we have to accept ourselves, that if one man abuses us, it doesn't mean they all will, that life is hard for everybody.

...but men somehow were all issued at birth a Get Out of Introspection FREE card. Thusly, you go around blaming everyone else, namely, women, for all your problems because it's easier. It's easy to think your problems aren't because you're lazy and unproductive about taking care of yourself. It's because women are all crazy bitches....because once they got the right to vote and once they started working for themselves, they felt like entitled to their opinions and money...wasn't life so much better for us all when women were just cattle property?  

And yet, we mock the middle east and Islam for its repression of women....

The only way women are responsible for your shitty attitudes is if we allow you to have them. We allow you to whine and piss and moan and blame us for everything. We allow you to thrust your neuroses upon us. We allow you to be irresponsible for yourself. We allow you to eat Baconator burgers three meals a day, but expect us all to be supermodels. It all started with your mother, who was likely either neglectful or overindulgent, so you got the idea that it's okay for everything to be somebody else's responsibility. Well, it sucks that your mom was a twat, but now you're a grownup and it's time to take responsibility for yourself. Of course, women who don't allow men to go around acting like perpetual three year olds get labeled bitches and get told that feminism made us that way and ruined all possibilities for men to enjoy our company.

Let's start being honest. Dating and marriage is prettymuch a nightmare for EVERYONE. Don't think for a moment your gender and the dynamics of the other gender make your misery a special case. Do you think women don't have fantasies of how men "used to be?" I say "used to be" because in our minds, the way men "used to be" is nothing like the way they actually used to be. You know that. You scoff when you see Fabio dressed like a cowboy on the cover of some romance novel set in the frontier days, you know, when men were super-manly and yet totally romantic n shit. You know what utter bullcrap that is. Turn the mirror around. Realize that your attitudes about how "women used to be" is also a 100%, exaggerated, idealized fabrication. Having never been a part of that reality, how, exactly, have you convinced yourself that was reality at some point? The only time it was reality was in your mind.

Honestly, did you ever think that the reason you only attract bitches is because you have a shitty attitude? Remember that vulnerability that you may have that may attract bitches? Could it possibly be your shitty attitude toward women? A kind, sweet, caring woman isn't going to be attracted to a man who blames everyone else for his problems and assumes she's going to be a bitch because feminism ruined her along with every other woman on earth. How do you expect to attract a gentle woman when you're not a gentleman? I know Paula Abdul wrote a catch song about it, but opposites do not, in fact, always attract.

Another truth to examine....Isn't this whole thing really just a bunch of sour grapes? Let's be really honest. You want to fuck somebody that you can't fuck for whatever reason. Maybe she won't have you. Maybe she would have you, but you think she's a bitch and it makes you lose your boner. Instead of moving along and realizing it's just this particular case or perhaps asking yourself what it is about you that makes this person not want to fuck you, you mentally fabricate a way to control her, indeed all women. You tell yourself, "She's this way because of feminism. Feminism made women think they have the right to express what they think and how they feel so now they're all bitches and now I can't get laid because of them."

Did you ever think that before men were all pricks and that it was right for women to rebel against them? Of course not...all men obviously always have been and always will be perfect, unblemished little lambs. Never mind that men are responsible for literally ALL of the world's problems. Pick up a history book, then a newspaper some time if you don't believe me.

Yet, even knowing that men are directly responsible for all of the world's problems, you expect a woman not to think that you're the kind of man that would destroy civilization. You expect women to believe that the type of man that would cause all the world's problems is part of a very teeny tiny, itty bitty, major dickhole committee and that there are loads of wonderful men out there just waiting to be scooped up (because that really is the truth, but not everyone believes it).

....but this courtesy is rarely afforded to women. Instead, we're constant victims of the blame game. Because, of course, if it weren't for women all being total bitches, then men wouldn't go around causing all the world's problems. Little did we know, men have been complete pricks all throughout history in an attempt to impress us...and what a bunch of ungrateful cunts we are for not appreciating it. So, everything is STILL all our fault.

You're not expected to believe you just haven't met the right woman yet. You're expected to believe we're all horrible and it's all our fault you're unhappy. Not only are you wrong, but you're an idiot. Only an idiot would think the way you do. Only an idiot would refuse to self-evaluate. Only an idiot would blame over half the population for his personal problems. Only an idiot would act like such a screaming, whining child.

In short, men, grow the fuck up.

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  1. Wow, aren't you a ray of sunshine? Came looking for the new vocalist Katie Shore and her title along with Asleep at the Wheel, "It's all your fault" and look what I stepped into ..... Wow! Women and men have their difficulties true, but this "ain't no way" to bring them together. Not sure of your aspirations for authordom, but I think I'd take a substantial pause before attempting the next edition of "How to win friends and influence people .." ;-).