Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Bush Administration

Note: This article was originally published on October 21, 2011 and hosted by ViewsHound, a company which is now no longer in existence. A screen cap of the result on Google is presented below, as the original URL is no longer available. 

by Katie Smith

Remember pubic hair? Remember when people had it? Well, maybe I'm old fashioned, but I kind of miss pubes in a nostalgic way. It seems to be a requirement for women not to have any at all and men seem to fall into one of two extremes.

Personally, I don't prefer when guys completely shave their pubes because no girl wants to stare a plucked chicken in the eye, and if I need an exfoliation treatment, I'll go to the spa. Conversely, if I need a machete to get to your John Thomas, I'm not interested, and unless a someone has a bear fetish, neither is 99% of the population.

Guys, stop with the double standards. If a woman sleeps around and you don't like it, you better be wearing a chastity belt every day. If a woman dresses up in a skirt, a nice top, heels, makeup, has her hair done, but you show up in rumpled jeans that only narrowly passed the sniff test and a Hanes T-shirt of much the same variety, she is right to leave you home, and if you expect your woman to look like a 10 year old downstairs, then I hope they know you by name at the Brazilian salon.

Speaking of Brazil, I'm not personally advocating anyone, male or female, sporting a rain forest in their pants, but it seems to be more of an issue and a hypocrisy for men. A happy medium is best. It's called a beard trimmer, okay? You can even buy a special one for your junk if you don't want the same thing that touches your junk to touch your face. Type “manscaper” into a search engine and see what tickles your fancy.

And don't whip out the “Gay Card.” Asserting that any given behavior is “gay” doesn't mean you win.

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