Sunday, April 1, 2012

Abusing women is NOT a man's right

There are plenty of battles that need to be fought for men's rights. A man's right not to be abused, a man's right not to be raped (especially in prison), a man's right to be vulnerable, a man's right to have emotions, a man's right to see his children, a man's right to act like a kind, moral, loving human being and not be bullied by other men into acting like a chest beating ape. These are all ideas worth supporting, but if you visit ANY "men's rights" group or page, you won't find these ideas.

What you will find is the basic idea that it's a man's right to abuse women. You'll find men who believe rape is a victimless crime, men who believe alimony simply should not exist, men who believe that all Western women are "fat, ugly pigs," that "no decent man" would ever want, men who believe women have no moral compasses, men who believe mail order brides are the key to happiness, men who believe polygamy is fine, but for men only, men who believe it is their right to sexually harass and assault women, men who believe that it shouldn't be a crime to beat a woman, men who believe it is women's duty to be beautiful, sexy and young and should commit suicide if they aren't or should hide at home and never go out in public once they hit 30 or gain 10lbs. Worst of all, you'll find men who try to hide behind the cloak of science, specifically "evolutionary psychology" which they say "proves" that women are inferior beings.

The interesting thing about this movement that differentiates it from ALL other movements, despite the handful of radicals, is that all other movements as a whole, those for women, those for minorities, those for alternate sexualities, are asking for equality. In the case of men's rights, they are, as a whole, asking for superiority....because obviously white males don't have enough of that already.

Worse, they think they have scientific evidence that they're right. It seems women aren't the only thing they want to abuse....they want to rape, manipulate, use and abuse science as well. Too bad they forgot the very black and white essence of science: Science NEVER says what ought or ought not be, only what is or is not.

According to science.....

Rape exists, it is not good or bad.
Spousal abuse exists, it is not good or bad.
Mail order brides exit, they are not good or bad.
Feminists exist, they are not good or bad.

Notice a trend here?

However, the last gasp of the Neanderthal would have you believing otherwise, as they use scientific terms, trends, ises and and is nots to weave a fantastically false tapestry of oughts and ought nots. Sorry boys, science doesn't work that way, but it's darling that you tried. You want a cookie?

The only frightening part is that, although anyone with a handful of neurons to rub together knows all of this, the "men's rights" movement, not the kind necessary, but the kind fabricated by men who obviously have inferiority complexes, is spreading faster than herpes.

What is causing this? Is it, indeed, the last gasp of the Neanderthal? Is it a patriarchal renaissance? Is it an extremely vocal yet extremely small minority? Is it a consensus that only a handful of men are brave enough to admit? Is it a subject worth worrying about?

I don't know. Both my hope and my suspicion is that it's a tiny, inferior handful of broken hearted men who, as a result of their chest beating predecessors, have no idea how to deal with their feelings, so they're lashing out at everyone but themselves as they rage against the inevitable death of their misogyny.

One thing working in my favor is that fear based, anger based, hate based philosophies don't build very successful societies....and it's all due to one true, unmanipulated aspect of evolutionary psychology: empathy. Pin It

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