Thursday, March 22, 2012

Transvaginal ultrasounds: Big White Daddy WANTS to rape women

What is it with this new the transvaginal trend? If you're going to force women to have ultrasounds before abortions, why not make women have regular abdominal ultrasounds? Is it really about early detection? Are transvaginal ultrasounds really necessary? Aren't you a little suspicious of all this?

You should be.

If it were just about "saving babies," then a regular, abdominal ultrasound would suffice. It's not just about saving babies. It's NEVER been about saving babies. Simply put, politicians WANT to rape women. Rape isn't always about sex, it's often about power and dominance and so it is with the transvaginal ultrasound. It's a clear display of male dominance over women. If a woman dare show that she has power over her own sexuality and reproduction, "conservative" old white men long for nothing more than to prove to her that she isn't. Big White Daddy is the boss, you better learn that.

You filthy slut. How dare you have sex? Big White Daddy never told you it was okay to have sex, even if it was forced upon you. You shouldn't have worn that outfit. You shouldn't have gone to that bar. You shouldn't have had that drink. You shouldn't have walked down that street. If you wanted to do any of those things, you should have had Big White Daddy approve and escort you.

Instead, you rebelled and look what happened. You need to be reminded of your place. Spread your legs like you're used to and take what's coming to you. This is what happens when you don't obey. Do you like that? I bet you don't. Good. I hope it hurts. That's what you get. You should have listened when Big White Daddy told you to keep your legs together. Don't cry to me now about forcing them apart. It's your own fault.

Sounds creepy? It should.

Surely, no politician would admit he's this much of a scumbag, pervert rapist, but every last one of 'em that supports transvaginal ultrasounds is. It all goes hand in hand with the idea that women are communal property. It's not about the baby. It never has been, it never will be. If it were about the baby, Big White Daddy would be a decent father. He'd be concerned about you, your health, and your emotional state. He'd let you know, even if you had sex intentionally, that he understands you made a mistake and he loves you anyway and will support you no matter what. If you chose not to have the baby, he'd tell you that he trusts that you've made the best decision for you and that he's there for you. If you chose to keep the baby, he would help care for you and your child and show you both a lifetime of love and support the way any decent father would.

He isn't a decent father. He's a big, fat bully of a deadbeat dad. If you have sex, he'll tell you you're a whore. If you get raped, he'll tell you it's your fault. If you have an abortion, he'll try to stop you. Perhaps most interesting of all is what happens if you do keep your baby.

Big White Daddy won't give a shit about you or your baby at all. He'll not only refuse to pay child support, but will try to object to the whole idea of child support, after all it's still your fault for having sex, even if you didn't want to. Big White Daddy will be totally absent from your life and your child's life until your child reaches military age. Then, suddenly, Big White Daddy will be intimately interested in spending all the money he can to make sure your child learns to become a hero.

...and by hero, I mean corpse. But hey, your child will get a nice coffin covered in a beautiful flag and some other nice, young minions soldiers will show up at his funeral to make a nice purty presentation. Don't worry, it was for "a good cause," right? Keeping Big White Daddy pleased is the most important cause in all of history. That's what "freedom" was founded on, right? Pin It

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